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Austin book arts
by kyle hawley
Books are fun.

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More books!
by Dana Kull
the only thing as satisfying as reading a good book is making a beautiful book - ABAC can show you how -

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Like Books? Please Give to the Austin Book Arts Center!
by Mark Hall
I've been a fanatic about books for my entire life - reading, making, collecting them. The Austin Book Arts Center is a recently opened non-profit in Austin that allows the community to learn about the 'art' of making books. Whether it is paper making, fine printing or bookbinding, the ABAC offers classes and instruction on the book arts. It's the first such center in our region and modeled after similar book arts facilities in New York, San Francisco and Minneapolis.

I hope you will consider donating to the ABAC. Part of the mission of the center is literacy - teaching kids about books will be one of the goals of the Austin Book Arts Center in the year to come. Thanks for your donation!

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Books Are FUNdamental
by Amanda Stevenson
Stand up today for books, learning, and truth!

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Support the Book Arts in ATX!
by Margi Tenney
Life has so many pages. Be creative with yours. Start here!
Austin Book Arts Center exists to preserve all the arts and crafts associated with the paper, printing, and the book arts.
Please support us in our goal!

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Practical & Creative
by Deborah Hartigan
Imagine being able to make a book, portfolio, or journal that looks exactly how you want it to look. You choose the size, design, and colors. It is unique to you.
You will learn the skills of bookbinding at the Book Arts Center here in Austin. Knowledgeable, friendly instructors guide you along the way. ABAC offers small class sizes in a relaxed atmosphere.
Not interested in bookbinding? What about paper making or paper marbling? What about letterpress? You can take all kinds of classes in these areas, too.
Book repair is yet another class offered at ABAC. Learn how to fix those old books you have.
ABAC is an amazing opportunity for everyone in Austin. Please help support ABAC.

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Book lover for ABAC
by Mark Smith
The Austin Book Arts Center is keeping alive a love of the book arts in Austin. For millennia, the print book has been the medium for conveying literature, history, poetry, and other cultural expression. A beautifully printed and bound book is a work of art in itself. The Austin Book Arts Center promotes a love of the classic book arts through classes such as bookbinding, letterpress printing, calligraphy, and papermaking. As a board member of this organization and a librarian, I have found the experience of learning about the book arts to be deeply enriching and transformative. Please join me in preserving the classic book arts in Austin.

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Austin Book Arts Center Supporter
by Mary Baughman
Austin Book Arts Center opened in September 2015 at the Flatbed Press and gallery building. Like everyone at Flatbed, ABAC must find a new studio before Feb.2019. Amplify Austin Day provides an excellent opportunity to help ABAC secure space where classes and outreach activities will continue to improve literacy for everyone through book arts. Since ABAC opened, in 200 classes, and with dozens of outreach events, people of all ages created their own books and letterpress printed objects. People learned how to protect treasured books and documents. Austin Book Arts Center will thrive with your support. Thank you for your tax deductible donation.

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Austin Book Arts Center Needs Our Help!
by Laurel Barickman
With the many changes happening in the arts community in Austin, Austin Book Arts Center needs our help more than ever, as they are having to relocate in 2019. I am so grateful that the Austin Book Arts Center exists and I have already gained so much knowledge and have had so much fun at their workshops. They are a needed fixture in the Austin arts and education community!

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Support Austin Book Arts Center!
by Susan Floyd
As some of y'all know, I've been doing a little social media for Austin Book Arts Center for the past couple of years, and it's a local organization very close to my heart. We recently found out we will have to move from our studio on East MLK in 2019, and I am more determined than ever to contribute to the continued growth of this fantastic community resource. More on that here: http://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/austin/news/2018/02/14/east-austin-art-galleries-lose-lease-amid-concerns-about-rising-real-estate-prices

Any donation to ABAC for Amplify Austin 2018, no matter how small, is so very appreciated.

The mission of Austin Book Arts Center is to engage people of all ages in creative, interpretive, and educational experiences related to the arts of the book.

ABAC celebrates the time-honored traditions and ongoing relevance of the printed book. We envision a future where books continue to play an important role in our everyday lives. Our children and grandchildren will share with us the delight in the tactile experience of holding a book in our hands and turning the pages.

Learn more about ABAC's amazing programs in book binding, letter press, paper arts, calligraphy, and many other aspects of book arts (including upcoming workshops and events!) on our web site: http://atxbookarts.org/

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