Organizational Overview

Hound Rescue
PO Box 28087
Austin, 78755

Mission Statement

To rescue hounds in danger of euthanasia from shelters

To help hounds that have been removed from neglectful or abusive situations

To shelter rescued hounds until a suitable placement can be found

To provide basic medical care and training to hounds to make them ready for adoption

To educate current and potential hound owners about these breeds

To find kind, loving families for rescued, homeless, or abandoned hounds

In its use of the term hounds, Hound Rescue includes all types of hound breeds. Hound Rescue primarily assists in the rescue and placement of beagles,coonhounds (treeing walker, blue tick, redbone, black & tan), and mixes of these breeds. Hound Rescue also assists with rescue and placement of other hound breeds (e.g. basset hounds, bloodhounds, ridgebacks). However, it is less common that we become involved with these breeds due to availability of breed-specific rescues and less overbreeding of these types of hounds.

Since the adoption of No-Kill in Austin, Texas, we have experienced much higher demand from the surrounding areas, including San Antonio. At the same time, with more adoptions happening of the younger, healthier animals, we are being asked to take older and/or sicker dogs, who are much harder to adopt and require more medical care. Adoption fees simply cannot cover these costs, so we are increasingly reliant on donations to allow us to continue to rescue the pups in need.

Impact Statement

Hound Rescue has been active in Austin since 1999 and held non-profit 501c3 status since 2007. During that time, we have rescued over 750 beagles, beagle and hound mixes, primarily from high-kill facilities. We have spayed/neutered and provided medical and behavioral care to make these dogs ready for adoption. As such, we are proud to have contributed to the community's efforts to going No-Kill by being a reliable resource in the community to help hounds in need.

Needs Statement

Our greatest need is for financial support to cover veterinary costs for our rescued hounds. Getting a "healthy" dog ready for adoption generally costs $150-200, treating a dog for heartworms is $600-800, treating a dog for cancer is $1,500 or more. We are seeing more and more medical cases each year, as those are the ones most often left in shelters as they are not easily adoptable without treatment.

"Working with the Hound Rescue group was a dream. Quick responses, thorough checks on us, and delivery of a happy, healthy dog to our family. I will absolutely want to work with them again if/when my family talks me into a second dog." Kate Bennett, Facebook Review

"We adopted Clementine from Hound Rescue in 2013. We also fostered three dogs, and ended up being foster failures with Kofi who we adopted in 2014. Great organization that truly cares about rescuing beagles!" Julie Ross, Facebook Review

Success Story: Sherry Youngblood

We visited Daisy and Dwight on April 30, 2016 in Bee Cave, TX and who would have ever thought they would steal my heart on my that very moment I met them. They came to live with me on May 7, 2016 and I would not trade them for the world. They love living on the farm with all of the other animals including chickens, horses, donkey, and cats.

Daisy was weighing in at 57.3 lbs (initially 67 lbs at intake) and as of today, she is has lost 20 lbs and jumping on furniture and sleeping in the bed with me. She runs and plays with all of her other brother and sisters "Dwight, Lacy, Junie, Lil Bob, and Lucy". She also had a cherry eye that we had removed and she looks great.

Dwight is the hunter, when he is running the farm and gets a smell, he is on it for hours at a time. And yes he does catch a squirrel or two and just carries it with him all day long and one time, I went to bed and I found one there with him in bed. Needless to say I had to hide it from him.

These kids are so well behaved and loved that I enjoy watching them run around on the farm and at the end of the day, they are in bed asleep dreaming of chasing rabbits for tomorrow.
How Can I Help Hound Rescue?

Open your home to a homeless dog and help him find his forever family.

Hound Rescue is 100% volunteer based so donations are always needed and appreciated. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Want to help out a particular beagle, but you can't adopt or foster? Become a sponsor.

There are a lot of ways you can help Hound Rescue and hounds in need without donating money or fostering. Here are just a few things you can do to help our dogs.
• Transport foster dogs to adoption events, from the shelter to their foster family, to the vet, or grooming appointments.
• Pet sit a dog while his foster family is out of town.
• Become a short term temporary foster until his permanent foster home is ready.
• Sit with a beagle or two at our adoption events and talk to potential adopters.
• Set up a fundraiser or do some promoting for Hound Rescue.
• Are you crafty? How about making adoption bandanas that our available hounds can wear?
• Donate or solicit items we can auction at our adoption events.
• Do a home check for potential adopters.
• Handy with a camera? Take pictures of our available hounds for use on our website.

Want to help? Email and let us know how you would like to help. Thank you for your interest in Hound Rescue!