Helping other's Heal for the Love of Carol, Dan and my friend Randy

The Christi Center

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This is the one time a year where I ask my friends and family to donate for the amazing cause that I have worked for since 2007!

Why I do the work I do: April 3, 1985, I was a 5th grader, riding to school with my Dad who taught high school at my school Riverdale Baptist. Little did I know that ride to school would be the last time I saw my dad alive. When we heard the fire alarm later that day, we all thought it was a drill…until we saw the ambulance and fire trucks rushing to the high school. That night my mom had to break the news that my dad, Dan Spalding, had died from a heart attack.

Fast forward seven years, it is the summer of 1992. After some challenging teen years, I was now a part of the honor society and really looking forward my senior year. That is until the day that my mom, Carol Spalding, had a massive stroke. The stroke left her in a coma for over a month and disabled in a nursing home for the next 16 years.

As an only child of a single mom, I now had to learn to navigate the world on my own. Navigating young adulthood through grief was especially challenging for me. Discovering friends who understood what it was like to lose a mom was what finally helped me move forward.

This is the first time that I am going to add in other losses, but I think it is an important reminder that hope and healing is needed for everyone throughout their life. I have experienced other losses over the last 25 years as well. These are all people that were important to me and those around me who have died: Grammy and Grandpa, Cousin Danny, Uncle Paul, Tommy, Randy and Mildred. Randy is my most recent close personal loss and is my first loss of a friend. He was a joy in my life and someone I will always remember for his loving acceptance of everyone around him. Finally, I have to mention a couple of people that I lost out on knowing, Grandma Spalding and Judy Vieweg. My dad's mom died when I was two and I missed getting to know her. There is also my mom's younger sister Judy. My mom always told me how much I would have loved my aunt, a kind, funny, 3rd grade Art Teacher.

I know this was a long list of losses, but we all have our own loss journey and it is important to remember everyone who has impacted our life. Some losses affect us more than others, but they all make us who we are. With the love of friends, family, caring community members and places like The Christi Center, we can transform into better people - for the love of those who are no longer on this earth.

I am sharing my story with you today to encourage you to help support The Christi Center's much needed services for grieving children, teens and adults. I am setting up a personal goal to raise $600 for the Amplify Austin 24 hours of giving. I am blessed to have had my mom, dad and all my other loved ones and am happy that I have healed enough to look past the pain and recognize the love that they brought to my life. I hope that you will donate to The Christi Center as we work to help others find hope and healing.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Erin Spalding

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Help me reach my goal and help The Christi Center achieve it's vision that No One Has to Grieve Alone

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