Everyone deserves a home

Accessible Housing Austin!

Accessible Housing Austin! was founded in 2005 by disability rights advocates who recognized that the scarcity of housing was a critical issue for people with disabilities.

Accessible Housing Austin! serves a diverse range of Austinites with disabilities, including adults and children with mobility impairments, visual impairment, chronic illness, and other physical and emotional disabilities.
AHA! is the only housing non-profit in Austin led by members of the disability community
Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, integrated housing for low-income people with disabilities.

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Accessibility = Dignity and Independence AHA! (Accessible Housing Austin) believes that we all deserve to live in homes that are not only safe, decent, and affordable but that allow us to exercise our rights to independence and dignity.

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Donated so far: Sue Gall  |  Martin Kareithi  |  Joe Fisher  |  Vic & Chris Martinez  |  Laura Perna  |  Michael J and Irma C  |  Nancy Crowther
Creator: renee lopez
Goal: $500.00
Raised: $503.50