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Everyone has causes they care about. For me, that cause is Junior Achievement.

I never had the opportunity to participate in JA when I was in school. I guess none of my schools ever offered it. Had I been afforded the opportunity, I know I'd have grabbed it with both hands!

You see, in my heart, I'm an entrepreneur. Sure, I've had corporate gigs in the past, but invariably I ended up back doing my OWN thing. Even when working for someone else, I always had my hand in one independent venture or another. It's in my blood and it's just right for me.

Today, as a Board Member of JA here in Central Texas, I've seen first hand how outstanding JA's curriculum is. Be it elementary, middle or high school...JA offers a wide variety of quality programming that teaches financial literacy, workforce readiness and yes, even entrepreneurship!

And I'm particularly proud of our work with Title I schools. I think it'd be great if Austin's next Michael Dell or Neil Webber came out of one of Austin's economically challenged schools as a result of what they got from JA programming that I helped to fund and deliver.

A wise man once said to me "Don't give till it hurts...give till it feels good!" Won't you please join me in "feeling good" by making your tax deductible pledge to Junior Achievement of Central Texas today? Please check if your company matches gifts to nonprofit organizations to double or triple your impact!

If you'd like to learn more about JA's work, please join us for First Friday Coffee on Friday, March 3 from 8-9am at the JA office, 2720 Bee Cave Road.

Thanks, Harry

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