Organizational Overview

Happy Birthdays
1402 Chisholm Trail
Round Rock, Texas 78681

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide all the goodies for an entire birthday party in a box for foster and homeless children in Central Texas.

Our goal at Happy Birthdays is to provide a Birthday Party in a Box to Homeless, Foster and At Risk children in the Austin area. In our first two years we have been blessed to provide Birthday Boxes to over 1300 local children and we hope to see that number grow (perhaps double!) in our third year. We are hoping that your generous support will help us obtain that goal. Thank you for helping us continue to give epic birthdays to deserving children.

Impact Statement

The simple concept of giving a birthday to a child is one that children, and adults alike, can embrace. Birthdays are one of the monumental cherished memories in everyone's life. Every child deserves to feel special, loved and celebrated on their birthday.

Happy Birthdays currently works with 18 local organizations (group homes, homeless shelters, foster and children based agencies) to access children in need. For many of them this is their first ever birthday party. For most, it is a special celebration that, due to circumstances beyond their control, likely wouldn't have happened this year.

In addition to providing hundreds of children with birthday parties, Happy Birthdays has provided hundreds more children and adults a valuable opportunity to serve others in their community by making birthday boxes. Families, schools, churches, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, and local and national businesses are just a few examples of our volunteers. By getting children involved in service opportunities when they are young, they will learn the significance of the impact they can make personally, and promote lifelong service. And children especially, can relate to the importance of a birthday party!

Needs Statement

Our goal for this year's Amplify drive is to raise $15,000 to help Happy Birthdays continue to grow and provide an even greater number of Birthday Parties in a Box to Central Texas homeless and foster children. We would love to be able to serve more area shelters and group homes. Your donation helps provide a bit of joy in children's lives.

$125 supplies one entire birthday party box for a child.
$75 supplies decorations and cake for one child.
$50 supplies snacks and a gift for one child.
$25 supplies a gift for one child.

We received this beautiful thank you email from an all girls group home that we serve. It might make you cry…

"I just had to write to you and say "the birthday box is AMAZING!!!" I'm blown away. We have never been able to offer our kiddos something like this. I know it is just going to make them feel even more excited for their birthday then they already are. And for some girls who struggle with the thought of having a birthday I think this will make them feel super special and cared for. Most of these girls, who come to us so filled with fear, scars and uncertainty, never in their dreams thought they would have a ​birthday party. For some it is their first one ever . That is something a "family" proudly ​does for its children ……but our girls have rarely led a loving, nurturing life while supported by proud parents. We have the chance to change that and create new memories for our girls that help them to grow and heal. Birthdays are one of the monumental cherished memories in every ones life, thank you for making it so special!!!!!!​W e are so fortunate to you and volunteers for becoming a part of our girls new "family "."

One of the many places Happy Birthdays provides birthday boxes are the Rainbow Rooms. Rainbow Rooms are located within the CPS offices and function as serving centers for caseworkers and the children in their caseloads. Things like clothing, toiletries, diapers, beds, and toys are available 24 hours a day for children in need. We received this wonderful email from a caseworker…

"We had a parent in the office and we were talking to him. His wife left and he is raising his little girl by himself. He is involved in an FBSS case and is struggling to work a full time job, complete services, and raise his three year old daughter. In the conversation he became very sad and stated that his daughter's birthday is the next day and he only had $20 left to get him through the rest of the week. She would not really be having a birthday this year. While he continued to talk to the other worker I went into the rainbow room. The other worker had given him a little dress for her. I was able to get her a toy and a book. Then I saw them, beautifully decorated boxes on the wall with the words "birthday in a box" written on them. No one was there right then so I took one down and looked inside the box. Everything this dad would need to make this little girl's birthday special was in the box. I took the box knowing that you guys are so good about things I wouldn't really get in trouble, and brought it to the dad. While looking through the box he kept repeating "Oh My God". With tears in his eyes he stated "this is going to be epic". Both the other worker and myself also had tears in our eyes. Because of peoples generosity and partnership for children a little girl turning 4 years old was going to have an "epic" birthday party."

You can make, pick up or deliver a box, do data entry or volunteer at an event, we'd love to see you!