half Helen Foundation

Organizational Overview

half Helen Foundation
220 Foremost Drive
Austin, 78745

Mission Statement

half Helen Foundation (hH) exists to improve children's vision and hearing through innovative screening, research, and advocacy.

This school year, hH partnered with 30 AISD low-income elementary schools to provide vision and hearing screenings to nearly 10,000 students in grades PK 4, K, 1, 3, and 5!

Impact Statement

At hH, we use an advanced vision screening camera that allows our team to screen children for six of the most common vision problems in seconds. Using the vision screening camera allowed hH to identify vision problems in 238 children that otherwise PASSED their state approved eye chart screening!

Needs Statement

Our goal is raise $5,000 to support additional screenings and follow up services for children identified with a vision and/or hearing impairment.

$25 - supports screenings for one entire class
$50 - supports screenings AND follow up care for one class
$100 - support screenings AND follow up care for one grade level

"Thanks to the efforts of hH, our students are now receiving vision screenings that are much more efficient and accurate. Great consideration and effort is made by the hH team to minimize the time students are away from their school work during the screening process." Terry Berkenhoff, Principal, NYOS Charter School

"Our scholars have been fortunate to receive the amazing services of hH over the course of the last three years. Our scholars come from families that have limited resources and lack access to basic health services, such as vision and eye screening. This year, 116 scholars received an eye exam and glasses free of charge." John Armbrust, Executive Director, Austin Achieve