Gazelle Foundation

Organizational Overview

Gazelle Foundation
PO Box 1487
Austin, 78767

Mission Statement

The Gazelle Foundation transforms the lives of Burundians by funding and building clean water systems. This is an essential first step in breaking the cycle of poverty, halting the spread of water-born illnesses, and promoting and supporting opportunity.

Gilbert Tuhabonye has helped thousands of Austinites run farther and faster than they ever imagined possible.

And his personal story of surviving a brutal massacre in his native country of Burundi has inspired millions around the world.

When you make an Amplify Austin gift in support of the Gazelle Foundation, you help bring the opportunity and hope Gilbert found in Texas to his home country - one of the poorest places on earth.

For 10 years, the Gazelle Foundation has transformed the lives of Burundians by funding and building clean water systems. This is an essential first step in breaking the cycle of poverty, halting the spread of waterborne illnesses, and promoting and supporting opportunity.

If you've read his book, if you've heard him speak, if you've met him or been coached by him or just heard about him, you know that Gilbert is a living inspiration to all of us.

Please help us keep transforming lives with a gift to the Gazelle Foundation.

Impact Statement

Since 2006, the generosity of Gazelle Foundation donors has provided a lifetime supply of clean water to more than 68,000 people. The systems funded by the Gazelle Foundation span more than 100 miles of pipe across mountainous terrain, reaching health centers, schools, market centers, churches, and homes.

Needs Statement

It takes only $30 to provide one Burundian with access to clean water for life.

$30 - One Burundian life transformed
$60 - Access to clean water for a brother and sister
$100 - One family's life transformed
$250 - One soccer team
$500 - One classroom
$1,000 - Ten families
$1,500 - One church
$2,500 - One health center
$5,000 - One school

"I give because it helps those in need with one of the most basic necessities in life. I give because the Gazelle's and the Gazelle Foundations have given so much to so many. I give because Gilbert has chosen to give and forgive."
- Bill Koen (Owner, Joe Koen & Sons Jewelers)

"Everyday, I wake up and brush my teeth and take a shower. At night, I fill up a glass of water and put it on my bedside table. Water is there at the start of my day and at the end of my day. We take that for granted. These families have to wake up and walk miles to get water for their daily lives. Then at night they have to walk miles to get more. Every day. The Gazelle Foundation is changing that."
- Leslie Newberry (Owner, Tarrytown Pharmacy)

"We thank you for trusting us and giving us water. We are happy about water because kids don't get parasites and ring worm anymore."
- Rajabu Gihimbre, Nyamawango Batwa Village Leader (Burundi, Africa)

"I want to thank the Gazelle Foundation for doing all the best because before we had to go to the river to fetch water. There were so many people getting ill because of drinking bad water."
- Sebastian Ndiyimana, School Teacher Kabogabo Secondary School (Burundi, Africa)
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