Frontline Faith Project

Organizational Overview

Frontline Faith Project
P.O. Box 341991
Austin, 78734

Mission Statement

The Frontline Faith Project is an outreach project of Mary's Touch, a registered trademark of Mary's Touch, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our missions is to help provide spiritual nourishment to our military men and women throughout the world. "Spiritual food for a warrior's soul". Our goal is to continue distributing free MP3 players that are pre-programmed with spiritually uplifting content to our military.

The Frontline Faith Project is putting "spiritual strength and support" in the hands of the men and women serving us all in our U.S. Armed Forces. Your donation gives a deployed service member a much needed boost of inspiration, support, and guidance in the form of an easy-to-carry MP3 player loaded with inspirational Catholic content. A single donation makes a huge difference.

Impact Statement

Since 2009, the Frontline Faith Project has:
*Provided over 47,000 MP3 Players to our service men and woman around the world.
*We work closely with the Knights of Columbus around the nation in getting our message out on the need for these players.

Imagine facing one of the most difficult, lonely, and challenging times of your life, only to find yourself cut off from spiritual support and Christian community. This is the experience of many of our United States service men and women around the world. To help end this spiritual suffering, the Frontline Faith Project distributes compact MP3 players, pre-loaded with Catholic content to members of our Armed Forces. These players are given free of charge to troop members who are currently deployed or preparing for deployment, with special emphasis on our warriors who have been injured.

Needs Statement

There are only 217 Catholic priests serving the 1.8 million Catholics in the U.S. Armed Forces around the world, and the numbers are soon to decline because of retirements and medical leaves.* Our greatest need is to continue these care packages.

Our greatest need is to continue providing these care packages and fulfilling the request of our military Chaplains around the world:
*$24 Can Change A Service Member's Life, giving them "spiritual strength and support" during deployment to locations far from home or to those that are coming back home; our Veterans.
*$1,000 can help us send a box of 100 players to a Chaplain.


"I am happy to endorse your project on behalf of the men and women serving our nation in the Armed Forces. I appreciate your initiative to provide the service men and women with MP3 players containing spiritually uplifting programming. Reiterating my expression of profound gratitude for your generous service and wishing you every blessing on your endeavor". ~ The Most Reverend Timothy P. Broglio, Archbishop for the Military Services, USA

"What a GREAT idea these MP3 players are. Our soldiers find the players are really valuable to take out of their pockets and listen to them during down time. Most of them will be deployed shortly after their training is completed here and the players will go with them. I have an eager group of soldiers who would love to have one. Please send what you can when you can. They are greatly appreciated and a very valuable Spiritual asset for our men and women in uniform. Please know that your ministry is making a difference in the lives of our soldiers." ~ Chaplain Colonel Philip A. Mahalic, Senior Catholic Chaplain, Fort Sam Houston, Texas

"I am a soldier in Afghanistan and like your website said, there are times where I don't have a mass for months and I am every Sunday go to church Catholic back home. This was hard for me when I got here not to be able to celebrate mass or partake in the Eucharist. I got this MP3 player from my chaplain and it was a wonderful gift. There were some homilies like the one from Father Richards that really inspired me and made me think about how I need to better myself. The fact that you have a recorded Mass on there was also a great comfort to me. I can now just throw on some headphones and listen to mass on Sunday's if there is no chaplain at my post. Thank you for this contribution to catholic soldiers." ~ Army, CPL
The Frontline Faith Project is truly grateful for our volunteers and would not be able to conduct our events and educational awareness of our mission and ultimate goals. Our volunteers come from various parts of the nation and are truly blessed!