Shadow Cats, the cause of my heart.

Shadow Cats Rescue

Everyone should have at least one cause that owns their hearts. For me, that cause is supporting Shadow Cats, and the wonderful and diverse work they do in the Austin area - and far beyond. You see, Shadow Cats is more than a sanctuary, although it is a safe and loving home to more than 90 cats. They embrace and care for the injured and the sick, including a special part of the sanctuary especially for cats with feline leukemia, a diagnosis which is typically a death sentence for a cat in typical shelter. Many of the cats with Feleuk that they take in are kittens, and the mortality rate for these tiny ones is very high. Yet the staff and volunteers give their hearts and love to these little ones even though they know their time could be short. But Shadow Cats is about more than the sanctuary, it's about community cats, the feral felines that live their lives largely hidden from human view - the true Shadow Cats. From TNR (trap, neuter, return), to feeding and providing housing, to trapping and treating the injured and sick, Shadow Cats is about helping as many cats as they can live their best lives. They even have a fund to reach out and help cats all over the state and country whose lives are threatened in shelters and elsewhere, helping other rescues have the money to tag these souls and pull them to safety.

Okay, enough. I guess you can tell how much Shadow Cats means to me. And because of our ranch, we've even been able to help them pull three ferals to safety - two recovering from injuries and unable to be returned to where they were rescued, and one who was in danger from predators and was losing her protector. We help however we can, and now with Amplify Austin, their biggest fund raiser of the year, we want to help more. Any amount you can donate goes to help this wonderful cause. I hope you will find it in your heart to help what means so much to mine.

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Amount: $250.00
Provider: Sofa Cushions, Change Jar, Car Cupholders
Details: We'll match your donation until we use up our $250.00. Give what you can, it all helps, and we'll make it twice as good!

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Dexter, one of our farm ferals, saved by Shadow Cats.
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