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Eremos seeks to provide opportunities for people of all faith traditions and all walks of life to step back from daily life and deepen their connection to God or the Holy One, as they define Source. We invite people to come and behold the mystery of God. From the intimacy of this communion we are each empowered to live and love others more fully.

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IRS EIN: 74-2784171
Phone Number: 512-531-9594
Address: 6210 Adel Cove
Austin, TX 78749
Eremos invites you to journey with us in 2017 as we step back from the busyness of life to embrace contemplation as a mutual gaze of love. We're excited to bring Ron Rolheiser to Austin to help us deepen our engagement with contemplation. Please join us on Saturday, April 29th for Contemplation: An Appreciative Awareness that Rests with God, Others, and the Cosmos.

Impact Statement

Eremos serves over 2000 people in Spiritual Direction, workshops, retreats, book studies, and contemplative support groups. Peace of mind, clarity, self-compassion and a deeper relationship with God are just a few of the experiences or outcomes for participants...thus enabling them to live and love more fully.

Needs Statement

$25 provides a scholarship for a contemplative support group, $45 gives the gift of contemplative inspiration and experience at a workshop, $60 provides a spiritual direction session for someone in crisis, $200 provides a life-transforming experience at a weekend retreat, and $1000 helps cover speaker fees, so we can keep our program costs low.
"The Spiritual Direction and programs of Eremos are a vital part of keeping my life grounded. I am grateful for the tools I have been given to live life more in touch with my own spirituality and with the Divine." -- Chris, part of the Eremos community

" I truly don't know where I'd be today without Eremos where I can find a few moments of silence and sanity in this hectic world. Thanks be to God for Eremos and all involved in its wonderful programs. " --Spiritual Direction and workshop participant

"I came to Eremos mostly because I was heartbroken and didn't know what to do. I had a job to hold down and two children to single parent. There literally was no time for a broken heart. This was just really one of the worst times of my life! Long story short, Jean sorta saved my life. It's not easy to put in words, but I'm very grateful for it all." - Spiritual Direction participant

"In the early spring of 1992, I did not know it then, but it was the beginning of my long time relationship, with what in time, would become Eremos, a Center of Contemplative Life. Over time, and in a variety of ways and experiences, through support, clarity, and opportunities to serve and be served; my understanding about the deep yearning of my Soul and the Spiritual Journey and Life, would expand, develop, and bring me Peace. What Eremos has provided for me, is a growing vessel, containing my longings, desires, and willingness to continually place the God of my understanding as the central point in how I am being called to live my daily life." --Eremos Community Member

"Thank you so much for being such a wise spiritual director and for your deep insight. Seminary has been challenging and has stirred up things deep in my heart, and I am grateful you have been there to help me to understand what the Spirit has been doing and is doing and will do in and through me. I understand myself a little more clearly, and you have held me accountable for my relationship with God. Thank you! You are an incredible blessing. May you continue to bless so many other through your ministry, and may you be filled with God's unending, beautiful, and loving light." --Spiritual Direction participant
Program Committee (helping create, promote, and assist at workshops)
Gala Committee (helping develop and run the silent auction, and assist the night of the event -- November 2018)