East Austin College Prep

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Organizational Overview

East Austin College Prep
6002 Jain Lane
Austin, Texas 78721

Mission Statement

The vision of East Austin College Prep is to serve as a model school with a rigorous curriculum that successfully prepares all students, regardless of economic background, for graduation and success in college and career, while also instilling a commitment to community service.

The EAPrep Class of 2016 was our first graduating class. In June of 2016, 70 young people earned their high school diplomas and ALL of them were accepted to the college of their choice.
We believe hardworking students deserve to reach their dreams. That's why we founded East Austin College Prep and now the EAPrep Senior Scholarship Fund.
Through the support of our donors, we were able to offer every graduate a college scholarship. That is amazing! We expect to have the number of graduates in the class of 2017 and that is where YOU can Amplify East Austin College Prep.

Impact Statement

EAPrep has significant experience working with youth, families and the East Austin community where we are located. For many years, East Austin has experienced a range of challenges, including high rates of poverty, underemployment, crime, and chronic educational underachievement.
In response to a community needs assessment and significant community engagement effort, EAPrep opened its doors in 2009 offering an innovative, community-based alternative to underperforming schools.
The school is the cornerstone of a larger community effort known as the "East Austin Children's Promise", which provides a wide range of wraparound services to young people and their families; including youth and adult education, job training, health and wellness activities, financial literacy, basic needs assistance, and more. EAPrep currently serves 800 students in grades 2-12.
To help graduates on their journey through college, the Post-Secondary Success Support Program was created to provide mentoring and comprehensive services to the graduates, especially those who are the first in their family to attend college. It is this type of support that has been overwhelmingly proven to lead to the graduates earning their degree.

Our student population is 88% Hispanic, 13% African American, and 1% White, and represent a range of backgrounds and histories. Approximately 30% of students are English Language Learners, and many are undocumented. The student population is largely economically disadvantaged: 88% of students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.
As a part of the school's mission and obligation to this community, we are committed to providing a positive and nurturing atmosphere of high expectations with a result-driven bottom line: 100% of students will attend college. Along with providing a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, EAPrep prepares students with the academic and social skills necessary to thrive in a university environment and beyond. Students receive a strong foundation in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and participate in a comprehensive educational program that includes visual and performing arts, athletics, community service, and a focus on college and career preparation.

When we interviewed EAPrep seniors about their reasons for wanting to go to college, overwhelmingly they said they want to help their families get out of economic duress. Students have stayed with EAPrep because they are determined to get to college. Please help us make their dreams come true by donating to the East Austin College Prep Senior Scholarship Fund.

Needs Statement

Children growing up in East Austin have been expected to settle in their educational and professional aspirations. Comprised of working-class yet low-income families and minority-majority neighborhoods, East Austin has almost 70% Hispanic residents. East Austin also has high dropout rates and low rates of college enrollment leaving young people trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Southwest Key and East Austin College Prep brought a new and different school to central East Austin with a solid promise to the families of East Austin: help their kids get to college.

"I know I am prepared for college because of the responsibilities I've had to deal with at home. I also know that EAPrep has prepared me for college," Lizet E. EAPrep Class of 2016

Paying It Forward

by Vincent Calderon

In these uncertain times where often our perception of the world is driven by the political climate, its difficult to escape the feeling that everything is crumbling underneath our feet. Often we lose sight of the little things, that can make a huge difference. So take a moment. Think about the future. Our children the future leaders of our world and help make a difference by donating to the East Austin College Prep scholarship fund.

In 2008, the year before East Austin College Prep opened its doors, the Texas Education Agency reported that 17 of Austin's 26 failing schools were located in East Austin. One community the Govalle-Johnston Terrace neighborhood where asked what they needed. Overwhelmingly, they said good schools. In 2009, Southwest Key Programs established East Austin College Prep - a free, public school to help students and their families get to college and beyond.

I personally think there is more good in all of us and I do believe in people. I believe in the kids at East Austin College Prep. Make Austin a shiny example that we love all our children and help me support their Dreams of going to college.

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Goal: $1,000.00

Peaches for Tigers

by Sharon Yarbrough

When the families took a chance on a new charter school in East Austin, they had faith in EAPrep's goal of preparing every student for college. The founders of EAPrep believed that for too long children growing up in East Austin had been expected to settle in their educational and professional aspirations; so when they designed the school, they created a positive, nurturing atmosphere of high expectations with a results-driven bottom line: 100% of students will go to college.

I was there for the first graduating class. I saw the hopes and dreams on both the faces of the kids in caps and gowns AND on the faces of their families. I have volunteered in the classroom to help these young people earn their education. I have spoken with their families about the sacrifices, challenges and the triumphs as they work to give theri kids a better life through education.

I believe in these young people. I want to be part of the change that will improve their lives and the East Austin Community. So I am raising money for the East Austin College Prep Scholarship Fund because their dream is to go to college and #DreamsNeverSettle!

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Goal: $1,000.00