Drive a Senior

Amplify Day Goal: $80,000.00

Organizational Overview

Drive a Senior
300 S Lamar Blvd. Ste D-109 #435
Austin, 78704

Mission Statement

The Drive a Senior Network consists of 6 local Drive a Senior non-profit agencies that provide free transporatation and support services to older adults in the greater Austin Metropolitan area.

We are the oldest, largest, and most reliable provider of free transportation for seniors in the greater Austin area. Our programs depend on our dedicated and caring volunteers. To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, visit:

As the demand for our services grows, we seek to meet the need by accepting new clients and new service areas. Become a volunteer today to help even more of our neighbors!

Impact Statement

Austin has the fastest growing population of people aged 55-64, and the second fastest growing population of 65+ in the country. As our population booms, our city's transportation infrastructure faces many obstacles. Your senior neighbor may be making the choice to skip a meal or medical appointment for the simple lack of a ride.

Transportation is the link to support services. In 2016, Drive a Senior volunteers provided over 36,000 rides, driving more than 392,000 miles and providing 40,000 service hours to seniors in the Greater Austin area.

Drive a Senior seeks to enhance a healthy quality of life for older adults by providing transportation, minor home repairs, and friendly visits.

Aging brings many changes: retirement; loss of vision, hearing, and mobility; death of friends, family or a spouse. The transportation Drive a Senior provides is not just about the destination, but the journey. The relationships built between volunteers and older adults contribute to the well being of seniors, who have fewer opportunities for social interaction as they age.

Your support means a neighbor's independence and ability to enjoy HEALTHY AGING IN PLACE.

Needs Statement

Funding will expand our volunteer transportation services to more seniors in the greater Austin Metropolitan area. Funds will be used for transportation coordination, volunteer recruitment and training and van program expenses. With YOUR help, we can support more of the people who built the community we are enjoying today. Give back by providing more rides!

"Bless all of you who do so much for me! Nothing goes unnoticed! Love to all of you." Norma

"Thanks for all you do to help this home bound senior get out, I feel very blessed to know I can get to my doctors and to the grocery store weekly. Thanks for the Angels of Drive a Senior." Sue

"When I drive a senior it's a good day. Helping someone stay independent is important, but what I value the most are the caring connections." Andrew

"It feels like I'm helping somebody's mother or grandmother. I honestly think I'm receiving more than I give." Natalie

"I couldn't have had these (lumbar spine) injections without everyone who worked to get me a ride to and from the procedure ... Once again, I found the volunteer drivers, David and Ginna, to be both accommodating to my needs and delightful to be with." Karen

"The drives are fun for me because everyone I have driven is so unbelievably nice, interesting and appreciative.... all of the clients have very interesting stories, have lived full lives and love to share their experiences." Tracy
Volunteer drivers serve seniors enabling healthy aging in their homes when they no longer drive.
Amount: $St. David's Foundation Grant Partner
Sponsored By: St. David's Foundation

St. David's Foundation has offered a $1M matching grant to be distributed among their nonprofit Grant Partners on Amplify Austin Day. St. David's Foundation's 2017 Grant Partners will receive funds on a pro-rata basis.

Each nonprofit will receive matching funds based on their total funds raised on Amplify Austin Day. Last year, this match resulted in a 30% boost to the funds raised by Grant Partners on the Day.

Drive a Senior - Elgin -- Help keep our clients on the move!

by Drive a Senior - Elgin

Since its start-up in 2008, Drive a Senior- Elgin (formerly Elgin Caregivers) has expanded services to keep up with the increasing need for support services for senior citizens in our growing community.

Losing the ability to drive to where you need and want to go is something we don't think about until we (or our loved ones) are faced with the situation. The freedom driving provides us is something many of us take for granted.

Drive a Senior - Elgin has two transportation programs to keep local seniors out and about:

1. Medical/ Errands - This personalized service is for rides to medical appointments, beauty shops, grocery stores and more. These services are provided by volunteers at no charge to clients. What a difference this makes to someone who has no other source of transportation!

2. Van - Van rides are groups trips and primarily social outings with some grocery store visits. The friendships being made here are simply incredible!

During 2016, DaS - Elgin served over 100 clients, provided over 4,000 rides, drove nearly 35,000 miles and logged almost 2,600 hours serving local seniors. WOW!

We are excited and proud to have had a record year! Please help us have another record-breaking year. This requires resources such as insurance, office space, part-time personel, equipment and supplies. This is where you can help.

As a non-profit, we rely on grants and donations to sustain our program. Your dollars will go further when donating through Amplify thanks to matching funds (percentage to be determined at close of event) from The St. Davids Foundation.


We're always looking for volunteer drivers. If you have half a day just once per month to spare, you CAN make a difference!

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Goal: $15,000.00

Drive a Senior Southwest

by Drive a Senior Southwest

Healthy Aging In Place is what Drive a Senior Southwest is all about. For so many seniors, not having transportation means not having adequate access to medical care or food. In Austin, the number of people age 60 and over is growing and expected to double in 10 years, expanding an already significant mobility gap.

With the lack of easy public transit and the high cost of for-profit transportation, the few options many of our senior neighbors face are bleak.

There is a simple solution to this pressing issue; YOU.

Support Southwest Drive a Senior now! Your support will fund free transportation and support services for our senior neighbors.

Every dollar you donate makes a difference. Each ride we offer means more than just food in the pantry, or a medical treatment received- it is a chance for a senior to talk, laugh with a neighbor, to continue a hobby such as painting, maybe even play a round or chess with a peer. Your dollar will fuel a senior neighbor's health, happiness, and wellbeing.

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Goal: $12,000.00