Organizational Overview

Dogs Out Loud
PO Box 152350
Austin, 78715-2350

Mission Statement

Dogs Out Loud provides training, behavior rehabilitation, and support services for medium to large breed shelter dogs with resource intensive behavior problems.

Dogs Out Loud has stepped up our training and enrichment programs at Austin Animal Center to help fill a gap in knowledgeable handling.

Impact Statement

Dogs Out Loud provides training and education programs for dogs, handlers, and adopters that aim to increase the dogs' adoptability, enhance the dog-human relationship, and improve the reputation of medium to large breed shelter dogs. We also spearhead enrichment and fundraising projects geared toward improving the lives of dogs living at the shelter.

Austin, TX is at the forefront of the No-Kill movement and, in 2011, became the largest city in the US to achieve a 90% or better save rate of the animals entering its city shelter . As we have accomplished this incredible milestone in humane achievement and lifesaving work, a new challenge and gap in services has come clearly into view.

No-Kill is defined as saving every "healthy, treatable, and rehabilitatable animal in the shelter." What we have discovered is that a 90% save rate is not truly fulfilling that promise. Our city has incredible programs to support nearly all of the vulnerable shelter populations save one: medium to large breed dogs with resource intensive behavior problems.

While the majority of dogs can be supported through traditional shelter programs, there is a group of good, savable dogs that needs creative solutions to succeed in the shelter and in adoptive homes. It is those dogs that are at risk of long shelter stays, unsuccessful adoptions, or even euthanasia at Austin's city shelter. Dogs Out Loud helps fill this gap, trains dogs and equips handlers to succeed, and contributes to making Austin a leader and model for the rest of the world in what is possible in animal welfare and behavior work.

Needs Statement

Your donation goes directly towards helping high-need shelter dogs get the training and intervention they need to find, and keep, homes.

Dogs Out Loud depends on the generous support of individuals, corporations, and foundations for funding. On behalf of the humans and dogs of team DOL, we thank you very much for making it possible to save some big, beautiful, four-legged lives.

Check out our Wish List:

Supplies for the Dogs
* Martingale Collars, Size M or L
* Easy Walk, Sense-ible, or Freedom Harness Sizes M, L, XL
* Raised Beds
* Large Crates
* Kong Classic or Kong Extreme, Size L or XL
* Kong Wobbler
* Buster Cube
* Blankets, Towels, and Bedding
* Toys! Toys! Toys! Balls, Stuffed Things, Chew Toys
* Training Treats: Natural Balance Logs, Ziwipeak, Rawsome, Stella & Chewy's
* Durable Leashes, Double Ended Leashes
* 30 and 60 foot training lines
* Treat Pouches
* Sturdy Carribeaner Clips
* Holistic Calming Aids Including Rescue Remedy, Peaceful Paws, D.A.P, & the Thundershirt

Bonus Fun
* Feeling crafty? Make us some homemade dog toys
* Buy one of the incredible offerings from Coat and Tails, type "DOL" into the discount field, and we get 10% while you earn free shipping.
* For your purchases, shop at and choose Dogs Out Loud as your charity (or click this link and DOL will automatically be set as your charity). Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to us.
* Support us every time you walk your dog with the app.

"From my perspective (and Kendall's), Dogs Out Loud is an incredible organization. They were never scared of Kendall or her history. Instead, Kendall was exactly the type of dog they want to help. They understood from the start that Kendall's "scary" behaviors came from a place of fear. Their goal was never for me to "manage" or "control" her, but for Kendall to have a happier life, with her own coping skills to use when she is scared. They knew this would take a long time to achieve, and they were in it for the long haul, even when her first two foster homes didn't work out. Kendall isn't the only lucky dog to have received such support - over the past year, I've seen them give the same dedication and commitment to several dogs who may otherwise have been given up on, dogs who need certain types of homes to thrive. With each dog having different needs, such homes are hard to find and rarely come "fully equipped". But when you see how happy the dogs and their adopters are after they've worked with Dogs Out Loud, it's clear the effort was so worth it."
~ Kate

"I fostered a gremlin. Shelter life had not been kind to her. She was the definition of a naughty dog. I fostered her for a couple of years and through a failed adoption. This girl was my soul beast, but she had so much baggage. Dogs Out Loud gave us the tools, support, and confidence we needed to adopt this girl.
DOL provided weekly training opportunities that targeted her dog-dog behavior issues, leash walking issues, etc. If we weren't able to make it to a class, they even volunteered to take her to class. It was never a doubt in our mind that these incredible people wanted to see Cupcake succeed. There was CGC training, there were group hikes, and there was one-on-one training. You name it and DOL was working on it with our sweet girl. They helped us work through dietary issues as well…and boy was that a journey! Dogs Out Loud is an organization full of beautiful people who want to see great dogs find a deserving home. They are a wealth of knowledge and really work hard to make sure these special animals find their special someone.
We loved Cupcake, but we also knew that her behavior training would always be a work in progress. The team at Dogs Out Loud made that manageable and even fun! Adopting her was one of the best decisions we have made…she is loving and sweet and so so smart. DOL really helped us find her potential and learn how to always expand on it.
We no longer live in Austin and don't have the access that we used to have with DOL, but I know that if I ever have a question or need some advice they are just a call/text/email away. It is a wonder what that peace of mind will do for the owner of a special dog."

"Dogs Out Loud has been a life changer for my wife Katie, myself, and our amazing dog Arlee. We met Amy and a few others with DOL on the lawn of the Austin Animal Shelter in June 2014. We also met Arlee, a black and tan coon hound mix, that day who was enjoying the sun with all of the amazing volunteers and other pups. We had been looking to adopt for a long time and our circumstances finally allowed us to take home a new family member. After meeting Arlee and walking around with him for a little, our decision was made for us. His sweet and calm demeanor was remarkable so we adopted him on the spot. We could see the love Amy and the other volunteers have for the dogs they care for by the bitter sweet goodbye they gave to Arlee.

Arlee was a member of DOL because he was not dealing with the shelter life well and seemed to be depressed and removed from enjoying the life of a 2 year old dog. As we took Arlee home we could sense that he was uneasy about leaving the security of Amy and DOL, showing signs of anxiety and nervousness. On our way to his new forever home, we stopped by a local pet store to get all the supplies new dog owners need. Katie went into the store and I stayed with Arlee so we wouldn't leave him alone while he was so nervous. He still had his old collar on without any contact info on his tag and I wanted to put his brand new collar on that we got from DOL. I got in the back seat and Arlee jumped to the front seat so I decided to wait until we got home and he settled in to do so. As I opened the back door Arlee jumped out of the car and ran down a busy street, turned a corner and was gone. I could only imagine how scared he was and his flight instinct told him to run.

We searched for hours in the area without any success. We reported Arlee missing to the Home Again chip company and Amy was notified and contacted us. For the several days and nights, Amy and many other DOL volunteers set out on shifts to put up flyers and look for him with us. Five days later we found Alree and finally brought him home. He has now settled in nicely and we could not have been luckier to have such a sweet and affectionate dog in our family.

Without the relentless effort, concern, and service from DOL we would not have Arlee in our lives. I cannot thank them enough and I'm sure Arlee is just as thankful. He is well behaved and an incredible guard dog (but harmless). He loves kids and lets them pet and hug him without any hesitation. He loves lounging and putting his paws and head on us when we sit next to him and he loves exploring on our walks. Thank you DOL for introducing us to Arlee and changing our lives!"
~Andrew and Katie Slorp

"The post-adoption support that we received from DOL... was our saving grace! It was a very influential element in the decision to keep our dog and is undoubtedly what got us through the trials and tribulations that we experienced immediately after Maggie's adoption. Without the support, advice, and reassurance from...DOL, we wouldn't be at the place of success that we are now. Maggie continues to make steady improvements in her behavior and confidence, because we are consistently working with her to become a better dog. At the dog park and on walks now, we receive compliments about how well our dog listens and how well behaved she is!"
~Helena Kelly
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