ALCDC - Dr. C. Sullivan

ALCDC-Abundant Life Community Development Corporation

I am using Amplify Austin Day to assist the Abundant LIFE Community Development Corporation (ALCDC) further their efforts to build and transform families and communities in Pflugerville and the Greater Austin area.
Their mission is to provide affordable, efficient, and excellent services and resources to build healthy families and our local communities by achieving the following results:
(1) Children and youth successful educational pursuits in school, and preparation for productive adulthood;
(2) Family engagement in holistic (mind, body, and spirit) healthy lifestyles;
(3) Children and youth participation in fine arts to enhance social, relational, and skill development;
(4) Meet the physical needs of individuals who are homeless, unemployed, or underemployed having shelter, food, clothing, and resources; and providing access
permanent housing and employment opportunities.
Join me in helping the ALCDC build and transform families and communities!

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