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Over the past 15 years I have helplessly watched as my beloved grandpa (Big Papa) has succumbed to the perils of Alzheimer's disease. It has become my truth that my grandpa will never know my name again. He does not remember my wedding day. I will never hear the deep belly laugh that would fill the living room of my grandparent's house at every family function, or the familiar call of "Hey, my lil hootenanny" as I run into his arms on the front porch. I will not have a conversation with him ever again.

Until very recently, my grandma has been the sole caregiver, providing constant care and support every. single. day. The decision to move my grandfather to a memory care facility has been difficult for our family, but ultimately the best thing we could do for him and my grandmother. A once decorated officer of the Austin Police Department for more than 30 years, now has the cognitive functionality of a non-verbal toddler. Bearing witness to the situation has been devastating, and even more difficult knowing that there is very little I can do to support him or my grandmother as they bear this burden. Part of my narrative changed when I joined the Board of Directors for the Capital of Texas Chapter of the National Alzheimer's Organization, and I realized that my work with the board may not directly impact my family, but can help alleviate the pain for others in this situation, and can certainly pay homage to the amazing man I once knew and loved.

I share this story with you not for your sympathy, or to sadden you, but to foster the spirit of hope for the future. I hope for a world without Alzheimer's Disease, or at least one that has the ability to manage or reverse its affect. To achieve this, we must support research efforts and continue learning everything we can about the disease, and providing support to those afflicted, those affected, and especially caregivers, that often times have the hardest job with the biggest shoes to fill. With this, I ask that you will consider supporting me in my journey in reaching these goals. Your financial contribution to this campaign will help me and my team make a substantial and positive impact on the lives of memory care patients and their families across central Texas.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Courtney Griffin


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