I Live Here, I Give Here


Austin is known for cherishing its local businesses, creating new ways of expressing ourselves through music and technology, and for having a heart-felt connection to our unique environment. I Live Here, I Give Here believes it’s time that we feel that same sense of pride and connection for homegrown nonprofits. 


We depend on nonprofits to inspire us, inform us and meet our community’s basic needs, but the shortage of funds creates gaps in crucial services. That is why we created Amplify Austin! Amplify Austin is an easy way for the people of Central Texas to give back with impact. Since our first Amplify Austin campaign in 2013, we have raised over $16.2 million for hundreds of local nonprofits. We connect people like you with causes you care about.


Though Amplify Austin Day is a pretty big deal, we have other amazing programs that deserve your love too:

See Jane Give & Give Back Jack
Our mentorship programs for young men and women to meet with and hear from influential philanthropists in this city.
Austin Involved Board Internship Program
Our board internship program that creates the most well-prepared nonprofit board members to serve our community. 
Community Needs Spotlight
Our monthly spotlight on specific challenges facing Austin with insight as to which nonprofits serve in those areas.
The BIG Give
The ultimate celebration of philanthropy where we honor nonprofits and our BIG Giver, an individual who exemplifies giving back.