Colorado River Alliance

Organizational Overview

Colorado River Alliance
PO Box 50029
Austin, 78763

Mission Statement

The Colorado River Alliance champions the long-term vitality of the Texas Colorado River through education and engagement.

2016 was a fantastic year for the Alliance! Our Redbud and Mobile River educational programs were been booked solid through the year with field trips and special community events. In total, we've taught nearly 10,000 students important lessons about caring for their river. Evaluations of these programs have revealed significant jumps in understanding of STEM science and water issues, and, all added, the students have pledged to conserve over 20 million gallons of water!

Our community events and programs have also driven insightful and necessary conversations about water in Texas. In 2016, we held two Barstow Speaker Series events covering Austin's water complexities, facilitated conversations between a bus-full of over 40 top Texas water minds in our Colorado River VIP Tour, and removed about 5 tons of trash from Lake Travis in our annual Lake Travis Cleanup. Just last month we packed over 100 community thought leaders into a room to discuss the future of water legislation in Texas.

We are looking forward to an even bigger year in 2017! All of our programs are booked solid yet again through the remainder of the school year (and even into next semester!). But we need your help! Your donations make these educational programs possible. With generous support from our donors, this year over 3,000 3rd-5th grade students will visit the Redbud Center to learn about water conservation and how they can help preserve the Colorado River and over 7,000 7th grade students will get to explore the Mobile River and learn about our most precious resource: water. And with your donations, the Alliance can continue to expand our community programs, including creek restorations, clean-ups, and green gardening opportunities, throughout the year.

Impact Statement

During the 2015-2016 School Year the Colorado River Alliance:

Educated over 4,000 students through our Redbud educational program in the. 3,024 of those students made water conservation pledges in the 2015-2016 school year, preserving 94 million gallons of our Colorado River!

Began bilingual programming, enabling us to serve Spanish-speaking students and community. We are also looking to upgrade our Spanish programming in 2017.

Served 5,201 7th graders and over 3,500 community members during the 2015-2016 school year. Student water conservation pledges from the Mobile River program add up to 17 million gallons of water saved in just one year!

Hosted the 22nd Annual Lake Travis Cleanup, in which we partnered with Travis County Parks and Keep Austin Beautiful to remove over 11,000 lbs. of trash and recycling from lakes and shores.

Engaged hundreds of community stakeholders and experts in discussions through our Colorado River VIP Tour and Barstow Speaker Series programs.

Needs Statement

We are champions for the Texas Colorado River, believing that a healthy, flowing river is imperative to the long-term well-being of the communities through which it runs. To that end, we dedicate resources, time, and energy to educating others on what the River offers and what we are obligated to do in return. We are facilitators of dialogue and will work with all organizations and interests to constructively address issues that support the River's short- and long-term health. Here is how you can help:

• $10 will print 20 science journals for students on Redbud field trips
• $20 will train 5 volunteer docents to teach kids about the Texas Colorado River
• $25 will fund one student experiencing a Redbud field trip
• $30 will fund one student experiencing the Mobile River
• $50 will help purchase Lake Travis Cleanup supplies
• $50 will help fund 3-D classroom models on water runoff and pollution
• $75 - Fund a Creek Restoration project
• $100 will fund Spanish translation and printing of field trip lessons and exhibits
• $500 will help fund event space and printing materials for a Barstow Speaker Series
• $1,000 will pay for the Mobile River to visit a community event like UT's STEM science open house for girls

"I will try hard to get others to not leave trash on the ground. Because it might end up on the water we drink." - Jacqui, Redbud Program

"I had no idea that watering your yard would use 2,500 gallons water!...Thank you for this amazing adventure!" - Emma, Redbud Program

"Thanks to you, I've started taking a five minute shower and turning off the tap while I brush my teeth." - Libby, Redbud Program

"Thank you for letting my friends and I come to Redbud Center. I had a supper awesome time." - Chloe, Redbud Program

"Our staff was impressed with the quality of the volunteer's information and variety of activities." - 5th Grade Teacher from Chandler Oaks Elementary, Redbud Program

"It was one of the best field trips I have ever taken a group of students on in my 15 years of teaching." - 4th Grade Teacher from Cowan Elementary, Redbud Program

Dobie Middle School, 7th graders who participated in the Mobile River Program:
"Conserving water is important because we wouldn't have enough water if we waste it and if we conserve it-we could have enough water."

"We need water to survive and we can't waste it."

"Conserving water is good because the water bill is going to be cheap."

"Don't use the water a lot and think about what is going to happen to the other people if you waste water."

"Conserving water is important because we are supposed to take care of it."

"Not all the world gets to have a lot of water like Texas does."