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To provide high quality education and comprehensive support services for children and their families while promoting personal and social responsibility in the communities we serve. Our mission stems from providing access to quality early learning environments and family support services for high risk populations as the Early Head Start and Head Start provider for Travis County. Services include early education, health, dental, nutrition, mental health and special education for children with disabilities.

What does Head Start do?
Head Start provides early childhood development and health services to preschool children enrolled in its programs. These services are categorized into five major service components that all children receive:
-Child Health and Developmental Services
-Child Health and Safety
-Child Nutrition
-Child Mental Health
-Education and Early Childhood Development

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IRS EIN: 74-1722420
Phone Number: 512-451-7361
Address: 818 East 53rd Street
Austin, TX 78751
All children are born ready to learn, but in Austin, children living in poverty too often enter school unready to succeed. Before even walking through the classroom door, children living in poverty have already fallen behind in school. By age four, children from low-income families are up to 18 months behind their peers developmentally. Child Inc Head Start is a national high quality research based early childhood development program designed to promote school readiness for income eligible families with children ages 0-5 including pregnant mothers, focused on closing the achievement gap between more affluent peers and lower income children.

New Initiative
The TechTots program provides purposeful learning through technology by offering preschoolers opportunities for active engagement in the learning process, cooperative learning, frequent interaction and feedback and a sense of connection to real-world contexts and applications. Providing access to technology enables our young children the ability to further develop important skills such as problem-solving through trial and error and how to be flexible in their approaches to different problems better preparing them for lifelong learning.

Donations from this campaign will help provide appropriate access to technology used to enhance learning.

The early childhood setting is critical in the development of children, so opportunities to use and explore computers and tablets are essential, particularly for those who do not have access to computers in the home environment. Children who are growing up in affluent families often have full access to technology tools and broadband connections to the Internet in their homes, begin using it at an early age, and have highly developed technology skills and beginning media literacy when they enter school.

Children in families with fewer resources have little or no access to the latest technologies in either their homes and early childhood settings thus creating the "at risk" for "technological failure" in the same disenfranchised groups that are disproportionately represented among students exhibiting underachievement and school failure.

Impact Statement

Providing access to Head Start has a positive impact on children's preschool experiences. The benefits of Head Start extend well beyond elementary school. Rigorous peer-reviewed studies have shown positive outcomes for Head Start children as they move through life. Head Start generates a Return On Investment (ROI) that could make hedge fund managers envious. For every $1 invested in Head Start, America reaps a ROI ranging from $7 to $9.1.

For over forty-four years, Child Inc has been preparing very low-income preschool children to succeed in school. Education theories, practices and service models may change over time; however, our core belief that all children - especially high-risk, very young children need comprehensive early education that involves the entire family grows ever stronger. Early literacy is directly connected to later academic achievement; as such our wrap around services includes providing numerous parental engagement opportunities.

Child Inc provides evidence-based programs that promote the healthy development of vulnerable young children in an effort to narrow the academic achievement gap. We also promote comprehensive early childhood systems that ensure access to high-quality programs for poverty threshold families.

We Produce Results:

-Provided early education services to nearly 2,200 children: 2014-Head Start (ages 3-5) and Early Head Start (ages 0-3). This represented a total of 1973 unduplicated low-income families, all of whom received family support services.
-2,068 children received medical services (97.3% of funded enrollment); 1,750 received dental services (87% of funded enrollment); and 234 formally diagnosed children received special education services (11% of funded enrollment).
-37% of enrolled children received center base services from Child Inc and partner agencies; -47% received services through coordinated programs with area independent school districts.
-5% received weekly in-home services.

Our Commitment to You:
-Expand access to high-quality early childhood development programs.
-Improve the infrastructure that supports early childhood programs.
-Reinforce the role of parents as a child's first teacher.
-Ensure that programs are staffed by a well-trained workforce.
-Promote children's healthy physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development.

Needs Statement

All children are born ready to learn, but in Austin, children living in poverty too often enter school unready to succeed. Many Austin children do not have positive early learning experiences and often enter kindergarten well behind their peers. Before even walking through the classroom door, children living in poverty have already fallen behind in school. By age four, children from low-income families are up to 18 months behind their peers developmentally.

Additional private sector resources are needed to ensure Austin's most vulnerable population of preschool children have the equipment, technology and supplies for an enriching learning experience.

Funds donated will be used to provide:
1) Tablets & Technology encourages children's thinking and affords them opportunities for active control and problem solving while providing teachers with a window into a children's development.
2) Playground Equipment to Encourage Fitness
3) Canopy/Shade Structures to Protect Children from the Texas Sun
4) Garden/Supplies for interactive and engaging activities that excite kids to learn more about healthy fresh foods.
5) Arts and Crafts kits and supplies to foster creativity and imagination.
6) Funds for Center Infrastructure Improvements.
Dear Child Inc staff,

... I want to thank the entire Child Inc/Grant staff for all you have done for my daughter & family. You all gave Tonee' the best first two-years of school. Tonee' and I enjoyed our two years at Grant. She learned & accomplished so many goals that we set for her. I feel so confident about her going on to Kindergarten. The teachers and staff members at Grant are nice, caring, helpful & well qualified to help and prepare our children for the future. I am and will recommend Child Inc/ Grant to all friends, family members, and other parents who are preparing for their child/children to attend Head Start. Child Inc/ Grant has done so much for my child and our family that I just wanted to let you all know how much we appreciated being able to be part of the Child Inc/ Grant family. Tonee' will be attending Kindergarten
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