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Central Texas Table of Grace is a non-profit organization that provides shelter, healthy food, healthy habits and life-skills training in a loving, nurturing home-like environment for displaced foster children in our community.

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Phone Number: 541-390-1151
Address: PO Box 52
Round Rock, TX 78680
Central Texas Table of Grace was just recently awarded a grant by Glimmer of Hope to hire a Chef for our kiddos! We were one of 6 recipients selected out of almost 100 applicants! Our new Chef will be cooking delicious, healthy meals from scratch! She is very excited to start planning for an above-ground garden, and to start teaching bi-weekly classes, such as "Safely using a Stove", "How to make a healthy smoothie", How to properly chop your veggies", etc.) Many of these kids age out of foster care with very few life skills. We are changing for our kids one day at a time!

Impact Statement

Central Texas Table of Grace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to provide emergency shelter services to the children and youth in the foster care system. Their support contributes to an improved quality of life for youth and their families. The organization's projects, implemented by an experienced staff, emphasize creating a caring climate for youth. Supporting the development of self-confidence, healthful living, and good judgment, Central Texas Table of Grace will provide many children with a thorough foundation for success.

Needs Statement

All funds are used to support our children! Food, clothing, and activities. Some of their favorite things to do: going to the movies, going to Austin Park & Pizza, going to Main Event, eating out, and going on late night shopping trips! We even went to Schlitterbahn and Six Flags last year!
From *Debbie, 15 years old:

"So welcome to Table of Grace this is the best place to be at my name is *Debbie. I was at Table of Grace for like 7 months, they will help you out a lot they do their best to get stuff that you need. I was lucky to come here so long. They take their time out of their life to come and work with us kids. This one person I want to tell her thank you her name is Stacy, she let me stay here until they find me place back near home. They put a lot of time to get us help we need it like doctor's appointments, enroll in school and that takes a lot time to do that. They just want to see you do good in your life, they love you a lot and they are just helping you out.

Thank you,
Various Service Projects~Gardening, Hanging Christmas Lights, Organizing Supplies, Shopping, etc.
Easter Baskets~Putting together Easter baskets for our kiddos
Christmas Lists~Shopping for a child's Wish List
Christmas Stockings~Putting together stocking stuffers
After School Tutoring~Helping with Middle School/High School level homework
Welcome Baskets~Putting together a Welcome Basket for a new intake
Activities~ Chaperoning or finding discounted/free tickets for activities for kids