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Empowering our communities at-risk youth with the skills they need to help them avoid a life of crime and violence.

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IRS EIN: 74-2921243
Phone Number: 512-451-4592
Address: 3710 Cedar St., Box 23
Austin, TX 78705
For the Council on At-Risk Youth, recent crime stats for Travis County certify the benefits of early intervention to violence-prone kids. Youth violence crime is down by 43% in Travis County compared to five years ago. CARY's youth violence prevention program has been in the schools since 1999.

CARY has recently expanded PeaceRox to Del Valle ISD and Manor ISD and hopes to expand into Pflugerville and Round Rock by start of next school year. CARY now empowers more than 1,000 at-risk youth a year change aggressive and abusive behavior. CARY also provides PeaceRox at Burnet Middle School, Dobie Middle School, Martin Middle School, Webb Middle School, Gus Garcia Young Men's Leadership Academy, Sadler Means Young Women's Leadership Academy, and LBJ High School.

Impact Statement

School disciplinary acts are powerful predictors of future delinquency and criminal acts. According to criminologist James A. Fox, Ph.D., over half of all bullies are predicted to have one criminal court conviction by age 24 and 40% will have three criminal court convictions.

CARY works with youth at a stage when intervention is most successful and the student's school and learning experience can be turned around. Helping youth access CARY's evidence based social cognitive behavioral skills training (PeaceRox) allows students to be positively engaged at school and stay out of the criminal justice system, thus increasing their chances of success in school and life. Students are referred to PeaceRox through the school disciplinary system for one school year (or two semesters).

Studies show that, when students complete CARY's program, students are 85% less likely to end up in the pipeline to prison.

Our goal is to help at-risk youth resist going down the pipeline to prison by changing aggressive and abusive behavior - such as bullying and fighting - encouraging students to stay in school and not dropout.

Needs Statement

CARY cost per student for one school year of PeaceRox is $750;

Staff training by a Certified ART Trainer (Aggression Replacement Training) is $500; The cost of 3 months of PeaceRox for one student is $250; $100 is the cost of a PeaceRox graduation ceremony and reception at one school; A field trip for 4 at-risk youth with transportation, snacks and admissions tickets is $50.
Ricardo, a 7th grader, was identified as a gang member last January. His older
brothers were in jail and his father had a criminal history for drug involvement. A
CARY Youth Advisor met with Ricardo for a month and built a solid relationship.
Ricardo then joined PeaceRox with other 7th-grade boys, exposing him to new
social skills like empathy and self-control.

By May, Ricardo was demonstrating his newfound social skills in school and his
community. He was now involved in weekly service learning projects, improving
his grades and his attendance. The biggest change came in behavior. Ricardo no
longer disrespected teachers and began seeking friends who would encourage him
to make positive choices.
In June, the CARY Youth Advisor met Ricardo's mother for a home visit. She was
in tears as she reported how proud of him she was. She said that Ricardo had
stopped communicating with his old gang friends and that his attitude at home
had vastly improved. She said, "I got my son back before I lost him, like I lost my
others to crime."

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