Capital City Village

Organizational Overview

Capital City Village
8403 Shoal Creek Blvd
Austin, Texas 78757

Mission Statement

To create a community of members, volunteers and services to provide participating seniors the help and information they need to successfully age in place.

We are helping seniors in Austin stay in their homes and communities as they age. We do this with the help of volunteers, programs and providers, who all provide support and resources necessary for successfully aging in community. We offer six income-based memberships that start as low as $8.34 per month, and many of these memberships are supplemented by donors. Amplify dollars are key to our goals of adding services to help even more seniors across Austin.

Impact Statement

Capital City Village (CCV) offers choice to seniors (age 50+) aspiring to thrive in their homes independently and successfully for as long as possible. Austin has the fastest growing population of the 55-64 age demographic in the nation, and is the second-fastest growing city in the 64-80 range. Capital City Village provides a model for aging well in place for as long as possible as an alternative to retirement centers or retirement communities. Capital City Village, founded in 2010, by a cadre of aging Austin physicians, mental health care providers, musicians and educators, collaborates nationally with the Village-to-Village network and locally with the City of Austin Commission on Seniors, AustinUP, University of Texas School of Social Work, Drive a Senior, Family Eldercare, AGE, Leading Age and other agencies supporting the reality of aging.

CCV seeks to support the robust continuum of lifestyle its members have enjoyed and continue to cherish. We address the continuum in community offering home safety reviews and provider information for home improvement needs, health and fitness classes, social, cultural and educational interaction and stimulation. Capital City Village continually self-selects financial models and belief systems that encourage a membership reflective of Austin's wonderfully enriched and diverse population.

Capital City Village offers 6 annual membership rates based on income, ranging from $100/$150 for the individual/household to $600/$800. Membership includes up to 3 services per week including car rides to appointments/grocery store, in-home help for smaller tasks, discounts from professional providers to meet major household needs and attendance to events and programs (house concerts, docent-led museum tours, twice monthly coffee gatherings, interest groups and more). We are currently serving over 110 individuals in these ways, all receiving the same benefits regardless of the price they paid for membership. And because they pay something, our members feel comfortable calling to ask for help. This is a cornerstone of the village model.

After a nationally televised broadcast about the Village Movement by Brian Williams on NBC News, we were inundated with calls from other cities in Texas asking for help in setting up their own villages. For over three years we were the only village in Texas, and we continue to help others get started across the state.

We continue to expand our member services, our service areas, our provider list, programs targeting issues central to the senior, and our volunteer base of 70 volunteers to accommodate member needs.

Needs Statement

The "need" comes down to choice. There is a lack of awareness among seniors in Austin that there is a viable option for affordably aging in their own homes. With the fastest growing senior population ages 55 to 64, and the second-fastest growing senior population 65 and older in the U.S., Austin's seniors really need to know this. Then they have another choice when faced with senior living options that are much less affordable and for most seniors less desirable than the village model.

In addition to staying in one's home, the village model allows for a wider geographic and economic diversity of seniors receiving services and increased socialization for this vulnerable and often isolated population. The direct benefits to members and their families are abundant: access to supportive volunteer resources; enriched social connections; increased knowledge about aging issues; and opportunities for sustained independence and autonomy. The Austin community, in turn, benefits from a diverse economic base that spans multiple generations, experienced and engaged volunteers serving seniors, and a truly intergenerational city.

Within Capital City Village, we strive to broaden our current demographics to represent a more geographic, cultural, economic and racial diversity within our membership.

As we seek to add more members across the city and in underserved areas, we must increase our volunteer base in the same proportions as our membership. Our volunteers provide direct services and a great variety of expertise. An expanded volunteer base ensures we meet more member needs in both time and geographical area with free direct services.

We create and implement many programs, like game nights, educational luncheons, social outings and daily and weekly fitness meet-ups. As we grow our base we are able to institute more programs accessible to a wider service area.

"I have been asked to write a few words about what being a CCV Member has meant to me. In a word, friendships. Acquiring friends whom I would never have met before joining CCV. Not only meeting new people, but meeting interesting, intelligent people. Each one has a story to tell, adventures they have experienced, including many learning experiences, travels they have enjoyed, and pitfalls to be avoided. Of course, expertly chronicled in CCV brochures are the advantages of a helping hand when in need, shared information on various services and providers and the many activities, fun and games, entertainment in great variety, as well as the many learning experiences available jump in! You will not regret it!" Stan Brooks, Member

Volunteer was "excellent and trustworthy" and "really knew his stuff!"--from member offered support for technical assistance
CCV employs a "volunteer-first" policy, finding a qualified volunteer to fulfill a request before contacting a commercial vendor. However, volunteer service at Capital City Village should not become a burden. Volunteers may serve on a regular or periodic basis. Volunteers should feel free to accept or decline assignments, depending on their preferences, schedules, and commitments. If a volunteer task is not right for you, "just say no." We'll thank you and turn to another volunteer for help.
IMMEDIATE NEED: Our biggest volunteer need is always for VOLUNTEER DRIVERS. Rides for members make up over 80% of all requests. If you're interested and available, read on and complete the application process!
Amount: $5000
Sponsored By: CCV Board of Directors and private donors

Matching funds to support Capital City Village members, volunteers, staff and new programs. The match amount represents contributions of CCV Board of Directors as well as very generous support from private donors.