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CADF transforms lives in Central Texas with healthy smiles by offering life-changing access to charitable dental care. We achieve our mission by forming strategic partnerships and developing programs that connect volunteer dentists with people in the community who need dental care the most.

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Phone Number: 512-992-1217
Address: 401 W. 15th St., Ste 695
Austin, TX 78701
For more than a decade, the Capital Area Dental Foundation has worked to remove the barriers that make it difficult for individuals to receive the essential care they need.

The Capital Area Dental Foundation, winner of the 2014 Nonprofit Excellence Award, connected over 1,200 individuals with charitable dental care, totaling nearly $475,000 in fiscal year 2016-2017.

In 2017, CADF established a successful partnership with Dentists with a Heart and launched a series of Community Dental Days where large numbers of patients can be screened and treated in a single day. This initiative is quickly expanding and hundreds of patients will be treated through this program in the near future.

For the sixth year in a row, CADF is partnering with the Austin American-Statesman Season for Caring program to provide charitable dental care to families in need. CADF has committed to providing dental care to all nominated families this year and held a successful Community Dental Day which provided essential care to 23 individuals, most who have not seen a dentist in many years, if ever.

In 2015, CADF's founder, Dr. C. Leonard Dolce, DDS, MS, was named the Texas Oral Health Champion by the Texas Oral Health Coalition.

Impact Statement

In fiscal year 2016-207, CADF mobilized 130 volunteer dentists to provide nearly $475,000 in donated dental care to more than 1,200 patients. Patients may qualify for preventive, emergency and restorative care through one of five main programs/partnerships:

1. Health Alliance for Austin Musicians: Low-income working musicians are eligible for preventive, curative and in some cases restorative dental care, in partnership with the St. David's Foundation.
2. St. Vincent de Paul: Working poor adults without dental insurance are eligible for emergency dental care from CADF volunteer dentists.
3. Healthy Smiles for Texans: Eligible elderly and disabled Central Texans may qualify for comprehensive dental care, including dentures.
4. HeartGift Austin: Children traveling to the United States from developing nations for life-saving heart surgery at Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas are eligible for free, pre-surgical dental care.
5. Austin American-Statesman Season for Caring campaign: With this seasonal program, low-income individuals and families identified by Austin-area nonprofit organizations may receive free dental and orthodontic care by CADF volunteers.

Needs Statement

Poor oral health not only leads to pain and infection, but it can make it difficult for people to eat, speak and work. For adults and seniors, poor oral health is associated with chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart and pulmonary disease and life-threatening ones like oral cancer and stroke.

Thousands of Central Texans are suffering with these issues every day. Most patient's only option is to go to the emergency room for antibiotics or pain medication. The Capital Area Dental Foundation was established to end this cycle and heal those who do not have another avenue for receiving dental care.
"HAAM is so grateful to CADF for the partnership we have built to bring dental services to HAAM musicians. CADF dentists all agree to see HAAM patients in their private practices at reduced rates to help ensure that Austin musicians have access to both preventive and restorative care. Our HAAM members love having a dental home and their own dentist. And we love working with CADF because of the quality of care these dentists give our patients and because CADF dentists also have a big heart for our musicians. Many of them go above and beyond, donating extra care to musicians in need." Reenie Collins, HAAM Executive Director.

"There are so many people out there who need dental work, but can't afford it. It's really important to have organizations like CADF in our community." Deloris Fields, Statesman Season for Caring Patient

"Without the care provided by the Capital Area Dental Foundation, I fully believe that my health would have failed. I would not be as healthy and able as I am now. I would definitely not be able to care for a 5-month old and a 3-year old four days a week!" Sandra Plummer, Healthy Smiles for Texans Patient

"When I met Dr. Kelp, I only had two teeth. I never laughed and hardly spoke. I was so ashamed of my appearance that I rarely left the house. I don't know how we can truly thank Dr. Kelp and the Capital Area Dental Foundation. They have done so much for us and have truly changed our life." Manuala Alcantar, Statesman Season for Caring Patient

"I am so grateful for all of the CADF dentists and their kind staff who are so kind, compassionate and generous to our clients. They give hope and happy smiles to the poorest of the poor. Thank you for helping us help so many." Valerie Shepherd, St. Vincent de Paul

"A huge part of the journey of being a musician is to be yourself. Dr. Heggen made me feel whole again and the quality of care I received was something I never experienced before. That's priceless." Jayme Ivison, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians Patient
CADF recruits dentists who are interested in giving back to the community by participating in one or more of the Foundation's charitable care programs. Dentists can treat as few as one patient per year or several per month, all in the comfort of their own office with their own staff. Some programs offer reimbursement for services rendered, others are entirely donated.

CADF recently launched a new pilot initiative, Community Dental Days, in partnership with Dentists with a Heart. These days are dedicated to providing charitable care to Central Texas in need. This innovative and flexible approach to care delivery is an excellent opportunity for dentists who want to give back, but have limited time to donate.