Amplify Day Goal: $23,000.00

Organizational Overview

2006 Greenbrook Parkway
Austin, Texas 78723

Mission Statement

BookSpring builds early literacy through healthcare, education, and the community by increasing home libraries and reading aloud experiences for low-income children and their families. We work with over 150 partner sites, throughout Central Texas, including clinics, childcare centers, schools, and other social service agencies to give both access to books and conduct motivational and instructional activities to instill a lifelong love of reading.

Our 15 year old van is ready to retire!

Getting both new and gently used books to our partners is an essential part of the mission. We supply over 150 partners through pick ups, drop ships, and local delivery.

BookSpring regularly budgets enough funds for the operations and upkeep of the van. While our van is currently running, it needs an increasing amount of repairs. The estimates for these repairs currently exceed the estimated Kelly Blue Book value of the van.

All funds raised here will go toward the purchase of a new van. Will you help drive our mission?


Impact Statement

We currently serve about 40,000 children a year in the Central Texas. We aim to double our current reach by 2020 to serve the 79,000 children under 12 of low-income families.

Using research-based approaches we strive to:
. improve early language development in infants and toddlers
. increase their motivation to read
. increase reading scores in school-age children
. increase the frequency and comfort of reading aloud together between adults and children

A new van will provide the capacity needed for deliveries to achieve our 20 by 2020 goal.

Needs Statement

Sponsor BookSpring's van operations!

An investment of $5,000 earns you a valuable cross promotional opportunity. Your company's full color logo will be featured in a van wrap design, with placement on the rear of the BookSpring vehicle.

Take advantage of Austin's heavy traffic and reach thousands of commuters daily with your logo impression. Let Austin know you are building early literacy with BookSpring.


"BookSpring is a wonderful asset to our clinic. We now have a population of kids who ask for the books when they come on the mobile unit. Our parents understand the importance of reading for their children. We are a small volume site but I feel like we have a huge impact!"
- Dr. Marilyn Doyle, Pediatrician, Dell Children's Health Express and BookSpring program site

"The Applied Materials Foundation is committed to ensuring that every child has a change at succeeding academically and in life. BookSpring's programs provide critical solutions for kindergarten preparedness and literacy support. Through programming, book access and a unique delivery model, they have been able to even the playing field for economically disadvantaged families. It's a masterful, simple solution that has achieved big returns for a child's future."
- Ms. Michele Walker-Moak, Global Community Affairs-Central Texas, Applied Materials Inc.
Reading aloud to children, transforming reading spaces, and processing book donations are some of the ways you can give the gift of reading with BookSpring!

We offer a wide variety of flexible individual and group volunteer opportunities. For more information visit

BookSpring - Jump Start our Reading Van!

by Tamea Byrd

Austin's 24-hour giving extravaganza begins March 2nd at 6pm! Help BookSpring raise $23,000, to purchase a cargo van to take over 140,000 new and gently used books to their partners throughout Central Texas!

After 15 years of dedicated service, it is time to say goodbye to their beloved 2002 van. It has served them well, but they are in desperate need of something safe and reliable to help them reach partners across Central Texas, who might not otherwise have access to these wonderful books.

Every dollar you contribute helps BookSpring get one step closer towards its new, safe van!

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Goal: $1,000.00

Jumpstart Our Van!

by Jill Gonzalez

At BookSpring, our van is an essential part of our everyday work. We use it to delver books, motivational activity kits, costumes, literacy games and more to partners around Central Texas. Please help us to fund a new van in order to keep serving our current partners and to increase our reach. We'd like to insure that every child in need of books has a home library of AT LEAST 20 books by the year 2020.

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Goal: $1,000.00