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Austin Siamese Rescue is dedicated to rescuing cats in distress and finding them great homes once they are ready for adoption. Our cats are cared for in individual foster homes until placement. There are typically between 100-125 cats and kittens available for adoption through our organization at any given time. Sometimes (like kitten season), there are even more.

Austin Siamese Rescue cats come from a variety of backgrounds. Some faced death at a shelter, while others came from abusive and neglectful households. Still others were treasured companions of guardians who could no longer care for them. What they all have in common is the need for a forever home, where they can live their lives as the happy, pampered cats they all deserve to be.

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IRS EIN: 26-0895479
Phone Number: 512-354-7875
Address: P. O. Box 13474
Austin, TX 78711-3474
This year we would like to increase our ability to provide enhanced medical care for the cats and kittens in our program. To this end, Sorrel's Fund was created to provide an ongoing means of providing special care for special cats. Established in May, 2011 with a generous donation from a long-time Siamese lover and rescuer, Paula Weber-Lohmeier, Sorrel's fund is designed to help Austin Siamese Rescue cats in long-term foster care obtain special medical care that often can't be covered by the rescue's adoption donation fees. ASR's adoptions fees only cover a small portion of the veterinary cost of testing, spay/neuter and other basic costs required for adoption.

Some of the types of care funded through this memorial include:
Veterinary Lab Work, Surgery
X-rays, Ultrasounds, Specialty care
Prescription Drugs for asthma diabetes, thyroid, kidney, and other chronic cat diseases
Dental cleanings, extractions (particularly necessary for older cats in rescue)
Long-term wound or surgical rehabilitation care
Other extraordinary veterinary expenses that exceed the norm

Impact Statement

Since our founding, we have rescued and re-homed over 1000 cats and kittens. In this time, we have also provided needed medical service, as well as spay and neutering for countless others. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on these medical services, as well as tens of thousands of dollars for food, shelter and other needed materials in order to get our cats ready for their forever homes. During 2013 alone, we spent $26,399.53 on extraordinary medical expenses (beyond routine expenses) for 56 cats, and $24,352.06 on routine medical expenses.

Needs Statement

Austin Siamese rescue seeks monetary donations both large and small for the medical care of all animals in our foster program. Your charitable donations provide:

*Veterinary Lab Work, Surgery
*X-rays, Ultrasounds, Specialty care
*Prescription Drugs for asthma diabetes, thyroid, kidney, and other chronic cat diseases
*Dental cleanings, extractions (particularly necessary for older cats in rescue)
*Long-term wound or surgical rehabilitation care
*Other extraordinary veterinary expenses that exceed the norm

We also have a wish list on for the purpose of donating supplies to our fosters and the cats they care for. The wish list can be found at the link provided below:
"Mr G is home !!! Because of you ASR !!! He was found 7 miles from my home with his collar cut off & dumped in the woods. The lady who found him contacted ASR & we were put in contact with each & I picked up 20 minutes ago !!! He will have a chip in him in a couple of hours !!! THANK YOU !!!!!"

"we are just SO delighted with Mimi
An anonymous funder has offered a $25,000 matching grant to be distributed among all participating animal care and services organizations on Amplify Austin Day. These nonprofit organizations will receive funds on a pro-rata basis. Each nonprofit will receive matching funds based on their total funds raised on Amplify Austin Day.
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