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To rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home German Shepherd Dogs from across the State of Texas who have been abandoned, abused, and require extensive medical care providing a path towards a loving forever home which they have always been worthy of.

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IRS EIN: 74-3016602
Phone Number: 512-661-8981
Address: P.O. Box 339
Manor, TX 78653
Since 1999 Austin German Shepherd has rescued over 1100 German Shepherds who were in jeopardy of never knowing the love of family. The need is tremendous. Austin German Shepherd is a small organization with a huge mission. The ones who need us most are German Shepherds considered first on the euthanasia list due to treatable medical conditions and senior dogs that require extensive long term care and adequate funding for medical expenses. With your support we can open more kennel doors extending a hand saying "Come with me, you are now safe and will forever be loved". Out of the 35 adoption placements in 2017, ten were long term medical fosters requiring long term foster care with extensive medical expenses. Our average expense per 35 dogs adopted was $863. We are committed to maintain adoption fees at $300 which continues to place a major impact on available funds.

Impact Statement

Saving German Shepherd Dogs who would otherwise be euthanized requires a strong foster team and adequate funding. A penny donated is worth one million dollars to those locked behind a gate in jeopardy of never knowing the love of family. Here is how you can help!
This amount donated... Will Pay for...
$36 A veterinary exam
$35 A Heartworm Test
$75 Vaccinations with Parasite Screening
$80 3 months of Flea/Tick Prevention
$90 6 months of Heartworm Prevention
$145 A Spay
$125 A Neuter
$650 Treatment for the removal of Heartworms for 1 dog

The number of foster homes and the amount of funding are the rate limit on how many dogs can be saved. Fostering and Donations are critical needs in saving those who need us most.
The Austin German Shepherd canine family is and always will be eternally grateful for your voice to save them. No amount is too small to help build a path for a German Shepherd needing a voice of love. We are their only hope.

Please join us in our mission.

Needs Statement

Our largest challenge and tremendous need is for more foster homes and funding to help more German Shepherds who need us the most. The commitment of our current foster homes is huge however limits us in the number of dogs we are able to save. Please consider the reward of making the eyes of a German Shepherd turn from dim to bright when they express the gratitude for your loving hand across their fur, a warm soft place to lay their head making them feel safe and secure to finally close their eyes at night knowing the love of family.

Discarded/Abandoned Senior dogs deserve a chance to live out their life with dignity. Those with medical issues deserve a chance for recovery in preparation of experiencing the love of a family.

Every penny donated means a million dollars to those waiting for someone to help them. Please click on the link below to impact the lives of so many in need by fostering or sponsoring a German Shepherd in need.

Seth and Janet Willis
Austin, TX
I first came into contact with Austin German Shepherd Rescue through a friend at work, and have had the privilege of adopting two German Shepherds through them. My current dog Spencer occasionally serves as one of the canine ambassadors at AGSDR events. Spencer brings special fun and love to our home and keeps my wife and I outside and walking. The work that this organization does for one of the most intelligent and popular dog breeds in America is so important and priceless. There are so many sad stories of these devoted and courageous dogs who are neglected, malnourished, sick in body and spirit. Through the efforts of the people at Austin German Shepherd Rescue the lives of these dogs are totally transformed. It warms my heart to see and hear how these German Shepherds end up with healed bodies and spirits expressed through wagging tails. This organization of dedicated individuals does very fine work and always puts their dogs first.

Lydia and Trevor Cole
Hutto, TX

We can't believe this month is 2 years since we lost our beautiful Allie "Mama Bear", swore we'd never have another dog because we weren't going to go through all that heartache again, and within 4 days of having to put Allie down, we had an application in to Austin German Shepherd Rescue. Neither Trevor nor I could stand the huge void in the house, with no one there to greet us with wagging tail and smiling face when we got home.

Lexi had some mighty big shoes to fill, following Allie, but she has done a remarkable job doing just that. She brings so much love to our home. Thank you to both you and Alex for saving her and her babies. We are blessed to have her with us.

Lin Hughes
In 2009, I adopted my first German Shepherd from AGSDR. Chloe was two years old, healthy and calm. Years later, I began fostering for the organization, which was how my second dog, Marco, came into my life. A 10-year old German Shepherd male with health issues, I knew when I agreed to foster him that I'd probably have him for the rest of his life. That turned out to be right. What I didn't know at the beginning was how much I would enjoy him.

Marco had ended up in the shelter, sick and neglected and sad, because the woman who had raised him from a pup had died from a lingering illness. Apparently, she hadn't been able to care for him for some time. He was overweight, arthritic, suffering from a terrible ear infection and awful dental hygiene. His toenails were so long that they had begun to curl under, his stomach was hairless from spending so much of his day lying down, he was unsteady on his feet and deaf to all but loud noises.

But when I agreed to foster, AGSDR pulled him out of the shelter and paid nearly $1,000 to heal his ear infection, clean his teeth, bathe him, clip his toenails, and put him on pain meds for the arthritis.

What I did was walk him, put drops in his ears every other day, feed him good food, give him medicine for his aching joints, and brush and brush him until all the old, matted fur was gone and his beautiful GSD coat appeared, revealing a shiny gray streak down his back.

When I chanced to toss a rope tug toy behind me while cleaning out a closet, I discovered how playful he was: willing to play keep away, even at 4 a.m., when I sometimes couldn't sleep.

After a very short time, Marco decided he was home. He loved sleeping on the floor near wherever I was, short walks on the golf course, treats, and playtime. He changed quickly from being a fat, sick, old dog to being a playful, beautiful senior GSD, loving and protective.

In addition to his other ailments, however, Marco had degenerative myelopathy, an incurable condition. After he'd been with me for16 months, his hindquarters gave out and he could no longer drag himself to his feet. That was when I had to make that wrenching, so final decision that pets require of us when their shorter lives come to an end before ours.

Marco was cremated, all the energy that was him going into the heat and light of cremation. I like to think that some of that energy has found its way here, to his last home, where he was loved and played with and cared for, where he knew he was safe.

I miss Marco more than I ever expected to, but I am so glad I knew him - and loved him. He was so worth it.

James and Cathy Sikes
Round Rock, TX
It has been my honor to be involved with Austin German Shepherd Rescue. As a foster, I have seen so many broken spirits mended into healthy happy lives. Mandy was one of my fosters. The day I saw her at the shelter, I was there to check on a couple of puppies who needed help. Fortunately the puppies had just been adopted shortly before I arrived. While the shelter coordinator and I were walking past the kennels to leave, I saw a young female German shepherd curled up in a corner, her eyes were dim with no hope, and her emaciated body accentuated every malnourished bone in her body. Mandy had no hair, and was covered in oozing/bleeding sores and scabs all over her body. Her spirit was broken into a million pieces. While I stared at her, I just stood there and began to cry. I looked at the shelter coordinator who was with me and said "She is the one who needs to be rescued". That day I took Mandy home with me and together we began her journey towards a better life in the care of Austin German Shepherd Rescue.
The reward/legacy of fostering is priceless when you catch that first glimpse of hope appear in the eyes of such a broken spirit, the first wag of a tail, the first kiss they give you expressing how thankful they are for your love, and seeing the moment when their confidence and trust begin to build a foundation. The expression in their eyes telling you they are so eternally grateful that you love them and they can finally feel safe and secure enough to close their eyes at night, sleep on a warm soft bed with their belly's full while being surrounded by love which they have never known before. It is at this moment that the world stands still and you know "You made a difference".
Beautiful Mandy never has to suffer again. after 6 months in foster care and over $1100 in medical recovery, she is now with her loving adoptive family. I know in my heart and believe with my full soul, she will always be eternally grateful for the gift of a beautiful life from Austin German Shepherd Rescue.

Mary and Cullen Williams
Austin, TX
We adopted Zeus when he was 10 years old. He had multiple health concerns that made others reluctant to adopt him. He settled right in and made us smile every day as he observed his world from his favorite spot in the kitchen. He loved to lay behind Cullen's chair. Zeus's size and beautiful face won him many compliments on almost every walk we took, and his gentle ways had a very calming effect on both dogs and people. He kept his sweet spirit and loving nature throughout, and we miss him terribly. We picture him free of pain and pottering around a green field in a beautiful place and are just so thankful that we had this very special dog in our lives, even for a little while.-A tribute to Zeus from his forever family.

Kim AmRhein
San Antonio, TX

Big Jack was the last adoption of 2006...and he was MINE!! We signed up for "Paws For Service", a group here in San Antonio who visit the troops, nursing homes, ect. (AGSDR has had 3 Paws For Service Alumni....Jack, Snickers, and Hero!) He was the star pupil in class, and never failed to hit his marks when he was supposed to. He was also the first dog to ever visit a patient in the TexSan Heart Hospital here in San Antonio, where he went to visit my dear friend Evelyn. He made friends with a beautiful little girl who was a Folklorico dancer at Macy's who had never petted a dog before...the look on her face as she petted "the BIG dog" was priceless. - In Loving Memory of Jack ??-Jan 12, 2014
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