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Austin Clubhouse exists to provide acceptance and empowerment so adults living with mental health diagnoses can pursue personal goals and play a meaningful role as co-workers, colleagues, family members, neighbors and friends.

Our vision is of a recovery-oriented Central Texas community in which all people living with a mental health diagnosis will achieve their highest potential.

Austin Clubhouse believes that recovery from mental illness is possible. We are a community that offers hope, respect, and opportunities for personal development in the areas of wellness, community and independence, through structure and belonging.

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IRS EIN: 90-0505527
Phone Number: 512-925-5877
Address: 610 E. 45th St.
Austin, TX 78751
In 2017, the Clubhouse added 135 new members, 54 members achieved employment, 5 members received academic scholarships for higher education and professional development, we served up 7,800 healthy lunches and celebrated our 7th year anniversary.

In 2018 we are seeking to achieve our second 3-year accreditation from Clubhouse International, providing excellence and compliance with the 37 International Clubhouse Standards, growing our membership to over 1,200 members, and helping 100 members get jobs.

Impact Statement

Austin Clubhouse serves over 950 members (40 members a day, on average), who are adults living with severe mental illness throughout a four county region. The majority of those we serve have diagnoses of depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, anxiety disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Austin Clubhouse was formed to break this cycle giving those with mental health diagnoses a chance to regain a job, an education, friends, purpose, dignity, self-respect, and ties to the community. For the majority of our members (over 60%), returning to work is their most important goal and the true indicator of a healthy, enduring recovery.

By donating just $10 you can provide a healthy holiday meal for one member, $25 provides healthy, nutritious lunches for a member for one month, $50 provides dinner and fun for one Thursday night social event for up to 25 members, $125 provides one full day of rehabilitative services for one member, $250 helps members get back to work by covering the cost of supporting a 6-month Transitional Employment (TE) position, $500 helps members go back to school by providing a scholarship through our Supported Education Program (Scholarships covers member costs for GED classes, online vocational training, online college courses, Austin Community College Classes, and enrollment in Austin-area universities, $1000 provides comprehensive wellness services for a month to one member (healthy lunches, on-site medical screenings, exercise classes, smoking cessation classes, health topic classes and maintaining an organic garden).

Needs Statement

In a given year, an estimated one in five American adults lives with a mental health condition. This translates to over 43.8 million Americans, 6.6 million Texans, 280,000 residents of Travis County, and 210,000 Austinites.

These realities cost Travis County an estimated $700 million every year in repeat hospitalizations, incarcerations, and lost wages and productivity. According to data from recent years, Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. This rapid growth places an additional demand for an already strained and over-crowded system.

Mental illnesses are chronic diseases, but they are also manageable. Few know that there is an 80% success rate for treatment of bipolar disorder, 70% success rate for depression and 85% success rate for PTSD. Contrast these numbers to success rates of heart disease treatment at only 41-52%. Mental health treatment works, yet two thirds of people go without treatment, mostly due to stigma and inability to access quality care. Austin Clubhouse aims to address the enormous needs of Austin's mental health community that is currently severely underserved and misunderstood.

With welcoming community supports such as Austin Clubhouse, an individual can regain and maintain independence. With free and lifelong membership, Austin Clubhouse does not aim to just guide a person through one challenge; rather to walk beside them through both ups and downs of life. Long-term success does not mean that our members will never have to call on us after finding a job or housing; rather, long-term success means knowing when to reach out for support before reaching a point of crisis.
"Austin Clubhouse has given me a sense of purpose and road to recovery. I've been a member since 2011. If it wasn't for the Clubhouse, I would not be here today."
- Dena Miller

"Austin Clubhouse gave me my wings to fly again. I got my confidence back at the Clubhouse."
- Athena McClendon

"Thank you to all the members and staff who took the time to sign my birthday card. Never in my lifetime have I received a card with so many signatures!!!"
- Ovoi Hashem

"If it wasn't for Thursday night socials, I'd be totally home alone wishing I was with my friends at the Clubhouse."
- Ramiro F.

"The work-ordered day gave me the emotional support and structure I needed to gain the strength to succeed in my life. The Clubhouse always puts a smile back on my face."
- Shannon C.

"I have been helping with the garden at the Clubhouse for quite some time. It is relaxing to be out watering the vegetables. It's a great thing to be able to harvest vegetables and herbs from our own garden."
-Wendy S.

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