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Our mission is to inspire youth to fearlessly explore, and become independent and self-confident individuals through our year round educational field trip adventures. With a focus on building cultural literacy and an appreciation of our local culture, ATX Kids Club's adventures also emphasizes physical activity, healthy eating and the accessibility of our expansive public transportation system.

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IRS EIN: 46-5646482
Phone Number: 512-234-5437
Address: 3005 S. Lamar Blvd Ste D109 #371
Austin, TX 78704-4785
With a focus on Urban Literacy and Local Culture, ATX Kids Club camps enable kids to experience the rich diversity of Austin and the surrounding Texas Hill Country. Kids gain self confidence by learning how to explore their own city through urban adventures with our community partner, CapMetro. Through these adventures, ATX Kids Club shows kids that Austin is truly accessible to all. Kids will also explore the history and beauty of the Texas Hill Country with guided van excursions. Through these experiences, ATX Kids Club provides campers with a sense of self, sense of place and sense of adventure.

Our Goals:
INSPIRE kids to explore their world
EDUCATE kids through hands-on experiences
BROADEN awareness of the cultural and historical offerings in Austin
DEVELOP self-confidence and self-esteem
ESTABLISH social relationships with peers
ENCOURAGE kids to share experiences through conversation and writing

Impact Statement

ATX Kids Club provides the community with one of the most robust, diverse and active camps for kids ages 4-15 in Austin. Our 5 day/week program takes kids on an exploration of city buildings, cultural centers, parks, museums, historical sites, and more! With small camper ratios of 1-to-6 we can focus on the individual needs of each child and support their natural curiosity and desire to learn.

Needs Statement

Your donation helps ATX Kids Club provide the camp experience to all! Your $25 gift will go towards ATX Kids Club's scholarship fund. This fund provides scholarships for children that can not otherwise afford to attend. The total cost of scholarship for one child to attend camp (Spring Break or Summer Camp) is $325. This donation not only helps a child attend camp, but also provides the child with the opportunity to make friends, develop important skills for success, and further develops their passion for lifelong learning.

Donations make a difference:
$25 = Entry level donation for ATX Kids Club scholarship fund
$40 = Extended Care AM or PM hours for a week
$75 = One Full Day Holiday Adventure or AM/PM Extended Care hours for a week
$325 = One Spring Break or Summer Camp Scholarship
Our 4th grader had a fantastic time during his week of summer day camp with ATX Kids Club and we can't wait for the next opportunity for a field trip with Tammy's wonderful crew. What's so great?
1) Small groups with a low child-to-teacher ratio. During our week, there were approximately 8-12 kids with 2 or more counselors at each outing. The curriculum has an educational/health & fitness focus, and the well-trained counselors are managed by a certified teacher (Tammy) who is often present during the week.
2) Exercise & being outdoors. The kids are moving most of the day, walking around town to see the sights, playing on splash pads & playscapes, or taking a hike. ATX Kids like to move it, move it!
3) Being a tourist in your own city. The kids (ages 4 - 15) learn to use public transportation and recognize city landmarks while exploring many of the cool destinations available in their hometown. During our week, our child toured several art museums and historical sites, visited a few parks and walked urban trails. A highlight at the end of the week was visiting the Governor's Mansion and having snack time with the First Dog of Texas, Pancake.
4) Supporting a community-based, local nonprofit. ATX Kids Club offers discounts for children whose families might otherwise be unable to afford this kind of summer camp.
5) Having a "normal workday" schedule for a reasonable fee. Summer camp hours are 9a-5p, and you can add extended care for 8a-6p for an additional fee ($65/wk). This is such a relief compared to other summer camps that require parents to juggle work hours for drop-off and pickup. I do recommend the extended care unless you work very close to the drop point. Downtown rush hour traffic is horrific!

It was fun for us to see the play-by-play pictures of the kids in action on the ATX Kids Club FB page each day, confirming that our child was enjoying camp and making new friends. We're looking forward to signing up for Summer 2017, as well as trying out some of the school holiday and Saturday adventures later this year.
August 2016 - Shannon

We couldn't be happier with ATX kids club. Tammy and her team are a very dedicated group and are truly amazing with the kids. You can tell the counselors love their job and the kiddos. The kids are happy and excited every morning knowing that they're going on a new adventure. And they return to us happy and full of stories. They are getting to see and do so many things that are unique to Austin and the surrounding area that we didn't know existed. We wouldn't be able to fit in all the things they've seen and done.
We are thankful everyday that we found ATX kids club, and so are our kiddos!
June 2016 - Mary B.

ATX Kids Club is by far the Best care a child could receive while not with their parents. Tammy is a genius and amazing Leader that always has an adventurous agenda laid out for the kids to enjoy. My kids learned so much of the city, places I would not ever as a working mom be able to take them and at one time you opened their eyes to new cooking skills. We miss you and the boys miss all your Fun adventures. What I Love most is everything They do is educational and very much soo memorable. Ms. Tammy you are a True Blessing to Austin and Congratulation on the Award for the film!!
June 2016 - Krystal S.

My children have absolutely loved ATX Kids Club camps - what better way to get out and explore Austin! Children learn the city bus system, visit many of the local parks and libraries all while learning through adventure and exploration. My kids have asked to attend the camps again this summer!
April 2016 - Brenda J.

I highly recommend ATX kids club to parents. My son has been attending ATX Kids Club since last October and he loves it! Tammy always finds something fun for them to do and it is a great mid-week break from the other demands of our lives to him. We appreciate the thought that she puts into each activity.
January 2016 - Diana C.

My kid LOVES this camp. Can't beat "field trips" on school vacations. Movies in the car if it's a far trip.
December 2015 - Christine A.

Highly recommended! My son just finished an adventure with ATX Kids Club, and he absolutely loved it! Love the concept, go out and explore.
October 2015 - Shelley G.

My two kids, 10 and 12, had a great couple of weeks with ATX Kids Club. Great staff, and the group size was ideal. Different activities every day kept my kids from getting bored. Drop-off and pick-up were very convenient.
August 2015 - Ralph S.

My two children loved ATX Kids Club! That thought it was great to go on a new adventure everyday! I thought it was phenomenal to have the kids experience the city, ride the city bus and do amazing activities that they came home gushing about everyday all for a very affordable price!
August 2015 - Sandra M.

My son loves going on adventures with ATX Kids Club! Highly recommended. The kids are well cared for and always seem to have a blast.
July 2015 - Jennifer

The girls enjoyed themselves so much over the last couple of weeks, They have made great friends and have loved the variety of activities that ATX Kids Club has to offer. I'm so glad we found this as an option!
June 2015 - Tanya B.

It's a field trip EVERY day! My daughter has been at ATX Kids Club afterschool for about 8 weeks now and she loves it. She stays busy afterschool and comes home with stories to tell. The summer camp will have full day adventures and she's really excited!
May 2015 - Sharon H.
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