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The mission of All Things Wild Rehabilitation is to promote respect and compassion for all wildlife through public education and awareness; to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured, orphaned, and displaced wildlife and release them back into the appropriate habitat; and to provide sanctuary for all animals in need.

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IRS EIN: 46-1309620
Phone Number: 512-897-0806
Address: PO Box 995
Georgetown, TX 78627
All Things Wild Rehabilitation serves Central Texas. Our dedicated volunteer wildlife rehabilitators work in their homes saving hundreds of orphaned babies and injured adults each year. With danger from traffic, construction, lawn mowers, floods, droughts, dogs, cats, and natural predators, wild birds and animals don't have much of a chance, especially the babies,

Each year we buy over 500 lbs of special formula for orphaned babies. We also need implements, like nipples, syringes, tubes, and baby bottles, for around-the-clock feedings. Sick wild animals must have prescription medicine, usually purchased through a veterinarian. Injured adult animals and birds often require costly veterinarian services to repair broken limbs and wings. Additionally, our rehabilitators buy nutritious fresh food, like lettuce, carrots, eggs, and meat, and appropriate caging for all the wild birds and animals so that they are in prime condition when they are released back to the wild.

ATW's dream for the future is to provide a better place for the animals and rehabilitators by building a center where we can help more animals, share the workload, and educate the public. We are getting very close to leasing land on which to build an intake and rehabilitation center. We will need a huge amount of support to make this a reality including donations in money, supplies, and volunteer time.

Impact Statement

During 2017, All Things Wild rehabilitators and volunteers were busy saving wild birds and animals and educating the public about wildlife in Central Texas. Our dedicated volunteer rehabilitators treated over 1,000 wild birds and animals, and, at the same time, participated in numerous education and community outreach events, the biggest being WildFest 2017 at Brushy Creek Park where over 400 people joined us to learn about wildlife and meet some animal ambassadors. During the year, we answered over 1,500 hotline calls about wild animals, striving always to accommodate the person calling as well as the animal needing help. We work with compassion for all animals and kindness toward the people who turn to us for help.

Needs Statement

Our passion is wildlife rehabilitation, but saving wildlife is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. Currently, all our dedicated volunteer rehabilitators care for the birds and animals in their homes. During the height of the baby season (March - October), utility rooms, spare bedrooms, and backyard patios are crammed with orphaned baby birds and animals.

To help the wild animals recuperate and return to the wild, we buy special formula, nutritious fresh food, feeding implements, veterinary services, medicines, bandages, caging, and transportation. All of this is expensive, and we could not save animals without the generosity of our donors.

For example, a microwavable gel heating pad, called a Snuggle Safe, for keeping tiny orphaned babies warm costs $28. Nuitritious powdered formula for newborn baby squirrels costs $11.40/lb plus shipping, and we feed over 80 lbs of powdered formula to the helpless wild baby squirrels each year. Exact, a powdered formula for hand-feeding baby birds, costs about $12 for one pound. We go through over 25 pounds of Exact each year. Each species of animals requires a different diet in order to grow and thrive.

Thanks to a kind benefactor, we are getting very close to leasing land on which to build an intake and rehabilitation center. To make this a reality, we are going to need a huge amount of support in donations of money, supplies and volunteer time. First and foremost, we need a septic system. Next, we will need a manufactured home in which to get started until we can erect a building. We will also need help from volunteer plumbers, electricians, concrete experts, cage builders, and much more.
"I would like to say a big thank you to the ATW rehabilitators who are always so nice and kind to help out an animal in need. I hope to be just like the rehabilitation people who dedicate their lives to help out any injured animal."

"Thank you All Things Wild for all your hard work for these lil helpless creatures."

"I took a baby dove to All Things Wild last Sunday. They showed me all the babies needing their help and kindly let me stay and help feed them. I fell in love and started volunteering the next day. I can't wait until next Monday."

"I am so grateful for the help of All Things Wild! We had a litter of skunks that couldn't stay, but needed food and shelter. The ATW team was super friendly and helped to rehome the litter. Thank you!"

"Found injured bird in my backyard this morning who was not able to fly and I called ATW. ATW Rehabilitators are so nice and knowledgeable. They gave me all the information about how to provide initial care for the injured bird. I am so thankful to ATW and their service . You are really doing great job. Thank you so much once again!!"

"A very knowledgeable and caring wildlife rehab group, providing excellent service for the Austin metroplex area."

"As new volunteers to All Things Wild, we cannot say enough for this dedicated group of compassionate people who sacrifice time and effort to help all kinds of animals and birds!"

"Thank you for the very interesting [wildlife rehabilitation] training session. I am so impressed by the knowledge and passion of the leaders of this group!"

"Thank you so much for taking in our baby squirrel and for staying up late to wait for us. We are very relieved that she will be getting excellent care. Your commitment to this cause is such a blessing."

"Thank you for all you do for these babies!"

"Love the work that these guys do and love the people doing it."

"Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful [wildlife rehabilitation] training class!! It was so well organized and prepared. [The instructors] were such deep wells of knowledge and so inspirational. The class curriculum was well organized and easy to follow. I appreciate everyone's hard work and sacrifice to put this class for us."
An anonymous funder has offered a $25,000 matching grant to be distributed among all participating animal care and services organizations on Amplify Austin Day. These nonprofit organizations will receive funds on a pro-rata basis. Each nonprofit will receive matching funds based on their total funds raised on Amplify Austin Day.
We are a home-based volunteer wildlife rehabilitation organization and offer limited opportunities to individuals wishing to work directly with the animals. We also offer unlimited opportunities to volunteers for capture and transportation of animals to wildlife rehabilitators, education programs, and fundraising. For more information and to apply, go to How to Help/Volunteer at and complete the volunteer form. You can also call our hotline at 512-897-0806.