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Last year, Austin Pets Alive! saved its 50,000th life-and aided in the rescue of over 5,000 animals from the wake of Hurricane Harvey. In the aftermath of the hurricane I was sitting at home watching the news reports and feeling increasingly helpless. That's when I heard about Austin Pets Alive! using a vacant warehouse to take in evacuees from across the Texas gulf coast. It was just up the street from me and I knew immediately that I wanted to assist any way I could.

I had a short day at work, went home, changed clothes and headed there. I figured it was going to be a bit hectic but I was completely unprepared for the sheer number of animals that were already there as well as the ones that continued to pour in hour after hour. I went inside and told them I wanted to help and they put me to work!

It was amazing to see so many people working together to help the dogs and cats who were displaced. I was helping to get kitties taken care of as they came in, getting them moved from carriers to crates with a clean litter box and fresh water and food, and in some cases cleaning them up after having been in transit for many hours. Most of these animals came from coastal animal shelters that were forced to evacuate due to the storm surge and flooding. They were stressed and frightened, some were sick, some were tiny babies with nursing moms who were so stressed they were unable to let the kittens nurse.

I had planned on staying a couple of hours. Eight hours later I left the temporary shelter and went back home completely exhausted, but happy that I was able to do something other than sit at home and feel helpless.

I am now starting to do volunteer orientation with Austin Pets Alive! and I am looking forward to continuing to help them do the amazing work that they do every day, not just in the wake of a disaster.

Austin Pets Alive!, and Austin as a whole, have become the model for No Kill across the country. Because of your support they have saved over 50,000 pets and given them a legitimate chance of finding their forever families. Help us save #50KMore.

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