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The mission of the AL Community Development Corporation is to provide affordable, efficient, and excellent services and resources to build healthy families and our local communities by achieving the following results:
(1) Children and youth successful educational pursuits in school, and preparation for
productive adulthood;
(2) Family engagement in holistic (mind, body, and spirit) healthy lifestyles
(3) Children and youth participation in fine arts to enhance social, relational, and skill
(4) Meet the physical needs of individuals who are homeless, unemployed, or
underemployed having shelter, food, clothing, and resources; and providing access
permanent housing and employment opportunities.

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IRS EIN: 81-1544330
Phone Number: 803-466-0241
Address: 1006 Old Austin Hutto Road
Pflugerville, TX 78660

The Abundant LIFE Community Development Corporation (ALCDC), new to the Amplify Austin family, is dedicated to the mission of providing a welcoming, supportive, and invigorating family atmosphere for Pflugerville and Greater Austin communities. We're purposed to transform our communities through youth enrichment and development, training resources to produce employment opportunities, and survival support services that improve the health and basic needs of families as well as address poverty and homelessness.

Impact Statement

Quality childcare is the highest expense in a family budget, surpassing the annual cost of transportation and food combined in Greater Austin and Pflugerville. Parents consistently seek environments for their children that offer affordable quality care in a safe and loving environment, and include a superior curriculum on par with or exceeding public school standards. In addition to the requests identified in "Needs Statement', we need an adequate amount of space to expand our daycare services and have enough classrooms to tutor and teach youth. To better serve our communities, we need an acceptable amount of space to expand our daycare services to enough classrooms to tutor and teach youth. Many families and individuals in our community are at-risk for homelessness, chronic illness, and food insecurity. With a fully stocked food pantry; a large kitchen to serve free meals, and a place for temporary shelter for the homeless we will be able to more significantly and positively impact families and individuals needing such services.

Our work in this area began informally in 2012 and we have achieved measuarable successes since its inception. Both unrestricted and restricted funds are needed to build organizational infrastructure as well as develop and implement sustained programs that provide LIFE transforming opportunities through our love for the lost, the looked over and the least!

Needs Statement

ALCDC was founded by Dechard I.H.M. Freeman to serve as a loving and present service to meet certain needs in the Greater Austin & Pflugerville communities through programs known as LIFE Causes. Our humble beginnings and program offerings spread via word of mouth, and caused exponential growth within a 5-year period. Our LIFE Causes have been completely self-funded with minimal contributions from family participants. We have expanded our scope of services beyond our original summer camp program to include a daycare and afterschool program, a holistic wellness program, and a basic needs survival program. We offer a faith-based preschool for children ages 6-weeks - 5 years old. Every child experiences an engaging and educational day filled with hands-on activities, biblical teachings and a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) Curriculum.

LIFE-KIDZ Academy: This new initiative is purposed as a longitudinal-based STEAM program which will follow the children from program entry at infancy through 5th grade for all program attendees. Because we're one of very few STEAM-based early learning programs, we enrolled 5 children prior to our first day of operation, and are expecting exponential growth upon continued program marketing. Because this is a new initiative, we need a STEAM-based curriculum that aligns with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards which are used in all schools. This will help us ensure school readiness and eventual preparation for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) assessment test. Teaching Strategies Gold is the preferred curriculum and the costs exceed $7,000.

LIFE Kidz Academy believes that children should exercise and learn new skills, thus the enjoyable act of physical play should a primary activity. Therefore, children will need a safe and sturdy play space where they can develop physically, mentally, and socially. Play and Park Structures offered a matching grant of $16,000 to purchase a small play scape. Any financial contribution toward this effort is greatly appreciated.

LIFE KIDZ Summer Camp:
We also host an annual summer STEAM-based camp from June to August. Our first camp in 2008 began with 10 children and has grown to more than 70 participants. The camp provides an affordable activity-rich environment that features biblical teachings, field trips, physical fitness, servant leadership and includes a mentorship component. The students need hands-on print materials, lessons and exercises to help develop life skills, self-esteem/anti-bullying, anger management and drug use prevention. The students also needs daily meals and funding to attending field trips. At the end of each summer cycle, the students present a stimulating and mesmerizing theater production encompassing everything learned during the summer session. Funding is also needed to purchase materials and supplies related to this event.

LIFE-KIDZ Summer Camp: The following expenses allow one child to participate in the LIFE Kidz Summer Camp at no cost. We need approximately 10 scholarships to needy families.
$50 = 1-week of summer camp tuition
$100 = 4-weeks of healthy snacks
$150 = 10 admissions to the Thinkery Children's Museum

Our LIFE Line Cause/Program provides survival services and assistance to the homeless and those that are in transition due to unplanned life events. Free meals, clothing, and blankets are given to those who are in need. We also partner with other organizations to help community members find housing assistance and other critical services. Financial support will allow to expand the program and provide a mobile food program to those in need:
$25 provides 10 bag lunches
$50 provides 25 bag lunches
$75 provides 50 bag lunches
$100 feeds 50 hot meals
$150 feeds 75 hot meals
$200 prevent electricity shut-offs

GUD LIFE Holistic Health Cause/Program: We understand that healthier families and communities require spiritual, physical and mental wellness. We strive to empower our immediate community to make positive, healthy lifestyle choices by providing accessible wellness education and programming, awareness walks/runs and seminars.

GUD-LIFE Holistic Health
$25 = 5 sessions Holistic Health
$50= 10 sessions Holistic Health
$150 provides a family with 2 sessions with a Licensed professional certified to provide Mental Health/Wellness services.

Sheresia Perryman, participant GUD LIFE Holistic LIFE Cause

"I have been a proud participant in the GUD LIFE Holistic Health program for a few years. GUD LIFE has motivated me to live a more active and healthy lifestyle by providing one on one coaching, group exercise sessions and encouraging talks. I have even brought my teenage daughters to workout and it has caused them to be more active and health conscious. Although I am over 20 years older than most of the participants, as well as the instructors, they do not allow me to use that as an excuse to not complete the exercises. They encourage me and as a result I push myself because I feel empowered when I've accomplished a goal that seemed impossible. Occasionally, I perform the modified version of the workout regimen, but I still get a great workout...and it is FUN!!! In addition, the program is reasonable and affordable. I love GUD LIFE because (1) the staff care that I'm seeking a long-term solution that meets my emotional and spiritual needs, and (2) the environment is much less intimidating that the local gym and fitness centers."
ALCDC has many volunteer opportunities in several key departments, and in our Program Areas (referred to as LIFE Causes): GUD LIFE Holistic Health & Wellness, LIFE Kidz Academy, LIFE Line (Social Services), and Songs in the Key of LIFE (Performing Arts). The categories follow:
• Administrative
• Financial
• Event Planning
• Fundraising
• Internship Opportunities
• Marketing
• Mentoring
• Program Management
• Strategic Planning
• Tutoring