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Dear Friends and Family --

Dear Friends --

Research shows that the more mobile an older adult is, the higher their quality of life will be. Preventing falls, then, is absolutely essential to an older adult's well-being. Because EVERY program at AGE is dedicated to helping clients remain active and engaged, fall prevention is one of our key goals. Once again, I would be honored if you would join me in supporting AGE of Central Texas' Amplify Austin campaign. Together, our donations will fund free loans of mobility equipment (things like walkers, wheelchairs, and shower chairs) to seniors who are at risk of falling, will support our free fall prevention classes ("A Matter of Balance") in the community, and will pay for exercise classes in the adult day centers to strengthen muscles necessary for good balance.
Want to see all this good work in action? Let me know when you want to come by, and I'll show you how your donation leads to an older adult's happiness and well-being!

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Annette Juba

Matching Fund

Amount: $1,000.00
Provider: Annette and Jay Juba
Details: Jay and I will be honored to match your donations up to $1000. Thank you in advance for joining with AGE to enhance the health and happiness of older adults in our community!


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Donated so far: Kookie & Mary Negrete  |  Rebecca Robertson & Marty Orozco  |  Laura and David Gracy  |  Tom and Denise Hebson  |  Mary Beth & Jason Martinez  |  Annette and Jay Juba  |  Alice Toungate
Creator: Annette Juba
Goal: $1,000.00
Matching: $1,000.00
Raised: $3,199.50