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Accessible Housing Austin!'s mission is to foster and develop affordable, accessible, and integrated housing options for low-income people with disabilities in Austin, Texas.

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IRS EIN: 74-3156314
Phone Number: 512-442-6680
Address: 1640-A E. 2nd Street
Austin, TX 78702
AHA! is the only housing non-profit in Austin led by members of the disability community whose mission is to provide affordable, accessible, integrated (AAI) housing for low-income people with disabilities. We provide housing all over Austin to a diverse range of Austinites with disabilities, including adults and children with mobility impairments, visual impairment, chronic illness, and other physical and emotional disabilities. AHA! believes that we all deserve to live in homes that are not only safe and decent but that allow us to exercise our rights to independence and dignity, that we can afford, and that allow our children and us to participate in our neighborhoods.

AHA! is working to construct AHA! at Briarcliff, a 27-unit apartment complex just north of the Mueller development. We recently rehabilitated a duplex in South Austin for two low-income households, one for a person with severe mobility impairments and the other for a veteran with traumatic brain injury, in partnership with the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation and the City of Austin. Additionally we are always working to expand the footprint of accessible, affordable, integrated housing by purchasing properties in all parts of the city.

Impact Statement

We currently provide housing for nine renting low- and extremely-low-income households. Within two years we will develop and rent a 27-unit apartment complex in a area of growing opportunity. Our tenants represent a diverse range of Austinites with disabilities, including adults and children with severe mobility impairments and physical and emotional disabilities. The average annual household income of our tenants is $23,118 or 32% of median family income for Austin.

Needs Statement

AHA! needs help to grow!

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"My 15-year old son has asthma and migraines. Since 2001 when he was born, I have moved nine times. Before, we were having problems with AISD because he was out of school for 82 days