Amplify the AGE Computer Lab!

AGE of Central Texas

AGE Computer Lab is a non-profit program dedicated to serving more than 500 older adults while they learn with grace and humor, all things digital. As we age it is important to maintain contacts, continue learning, and enhance the quality of our lives by cutting down on our frustration when we use computers, gadgets, or phones.

We are a totally volunteer driven lab and we are asking you to join our volunteer instructors, coaches, and students in making a donation to help us raise $3,000.

We have three goals this year.

1. Donate to the Carl Pingry Scholarship Fund to help people of all income levels take a class
2. Contribute to keeping technology and software up to date
3. Keep the coffee flowing and the socializing going

We are passionate about our mission and hope to continue offering our computer services to older adults for years to come. All contributions given through this fundraising page go directly to AGE's Computer Lab. Give back to the community by giving to AGE today!

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Cheryl Pervier

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Donated so far: Carolyn Albert Kincl  |  Roberta Przybylski  |  Ann Cunningham  |  Elizabeth Craft Ferguson  |  Julia Weatherby
Creator: Cheryl Pervier
Goal: $3,000.00
Raised: $1,680.15