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The Adventurers Academy's mission is to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Austin, Texas area connect with the community, develop greater lifelong independence, and achieve their full potential, through a variety of social, educational, recreational and vocational experiences.

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IRS EIN: 45-4299243
Phone Number: 737-203-5494
Address: 7106 Shadywood Drive
Austin, TX 78745
The Adventurers Academy is helping more and more adults with intellectual disabilities connect with our community and become more independent. Since opening in 2012, the Adventurers Academy has become recognized in our community as an outstanding alternative to other day programs for active, socially-minded adults with disabilities. More than 100 individuals with disabilities and their families have participated with the Adventurers to build a community where we all continue to learn and grow.

Our organization works to bring unique and exciting experiences to the amazing individuals we love and serve through a variety of programs. We offer daily continuing education opportunities at the Adventurers Academy, community outings, overnight experiences, educational travel, volunteering, and vocational training.

Over the past year, the Adventurers program has continued to grow, develop, and add new Adventurers. We've added more activity space at our location in Manchaca, Texas. We added another 15-passenger bus. We've continued to develop our programs with new classes and activities. We've grown to over 40 regular participants.

At any given time, Adventurers can be found bowling on Friday afternoons, learning in a class at the Adventurers Academy, or about town at music concerts, dinners, movies, museums, sporting events, and more! The Adventurers are committed to providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to learn outside of classroom walls, all over Texas and across the United States. This year, through an expanded Adventure program, we're looking forward to Adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, to the Silver Spur Ranch near Bandera, the Exotic Zoo in the hill country, and more!

We believe that all individuals have to right to experience the community and continue learning. With your donation The Adventurers Academy will continue to provide exciting new opportunities to an even greater number of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Impact Statement

Individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities face challenges in many areas of daily life, including self-care, language, learning, mobility, and capacity for independent living. Perhaps their challenges are best described by family members closest to them:

- "What will your child do when he or she graduates from high school? - AC
- "My daughter needs to CONTINUE LEARNING." - KM
- My son "is able to work, yet is not able to create or participate in recreational endeavors that most of us are able to pursue and take for granted…" - GC

The daily Adventurers Academy is a unique alternative to traditional programs for adults who desire an active, engaging environment. It's a place where they can learn new skills, develop new interests, and become more involved in their community through social outings, educational activities, vocational experiences, and volunteering to help others.

The Adventurers Academy organizes community outings and field trips throughout the week and on weekends. Adventurers enjoy ball games, movies, theater shows, live music, bowling, and dining out!

Adventurers participate in the community by giving back as volunteers to nonprofits or others in need.

Employment contributes to a sense of worth, accomplishment, and belonging that comes from performing a job that contributes to society and community. Adventurers have the opportunity to build life- and job-related skills that prepare them to contribute.
- Vocational Internships: Volunteer job experience with a variety of local businesses and organizations.
- Adventurers Enterprise: Adventurers plan and create items for sale at "The Adventurers Craft Market", which they set up at local craft fairs, fund raising events, or at the Academy Campus.

Several times a year, Adventurers hit the road (or air or sea or rails!) for an extended trip, lasting two to several days, throughout Texas and beyond. They've been all over Texas and across the USA. In recent years, they've visited San Francisco, St. Louis, Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of the World, and the Piney Woods of East Texas. Next? The Great Smoky Mountains Adventure to Tennessee, and a new program of shorter Adventures all around the central Texas area!

Needs Statement

Fees paid by participants, privately or through state funds available to them, provide only a portion of the actual cost of Adventurers experiences. Donations from our supporters make up the difference and make our programs available to families at a reasonable cost.

Specifically, funds raised in this campaign will help:
- provide new activities and experiences throughout the year
- expand our Adventure and Outdoor Education program with more varied overnight travel experiences that better meet the needs of Adventurers
- increase our capacity to serve more individuals
- continue the outstanding programs we now offer.

Thank you for your support!
"What we discovered when our daughter, Gracie, who has Down Syndrome, completed her public school education was that there were fewer opportunities for socialization with peers and for meaningful engagement in learning. We fully believe that learning should be a lifelong endeavor for each of us including Gracie. Her participation in the Austin Adventurers Academy help fulfill both of these needs. The Academy exposes the participants to new experiences beyond the classroom through travel, campouts, volunteering, and social activities in the community. What has made this program so successful for our daughter is that the Academy makes learning fun and helps her become more independent and capable by exposing her to new life experiences."

- Kim E., Parent of an Adventurer

"There is nothing more rewarding as a parent of a special needs young adult, than picking up your son or daughter and they are smiling from ear to ear and are so anxious to tell you about their day. As a parent, I know my child is being challenged and treated with the respect he or she deserves. It makes me proud to be part of such an organization."

- Debbie S., Parent of an Adventurer

"I like the Adventurers because everybody is so nice to me. I also love going on field trips with all of my friends and have a great time with all my friends by talking to them all."

- Annie J, Adventurer

"Because I was a special education teacher of younger children for 38 years, I always worried what would become of them as adults. The Adventurers Academy of Lifelong Learning is a perfect example of what I would have wished each one of those young children were able to experience as adults. It involves a social network, job training, everyday life skills and continued academic education all rolled into one. The structure is sound, exciting, motivating and rich in all aspects of their needs."

- Marsha Hughes, Retired Special Educator and member of Adventurers Academy Board of Directors

"The Adventurers are a powerful reminder that no obstacle is impossible to overcome. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from. Nothing should stand in your way to living life to the fullest."

- Matt Peyton, Member of Adventurers Academy Board of Directors
Volunteers work with Adventurers Academy staff to help Adventurers (adults with intellectual disabilities) participate and learn in continuing education classes, recreational activities, and community outings.