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YWCA is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities.

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IRS EIN: 74-6053497
Website: http://www.ywcaaustin.org
Email: development@ywcaaustin.org
Phone Number: 512-326-1222
Address: 2015 South IH 35 Suite 110
Austin, TX 78741
In 2017 YWCA ATX served 4793 families. This is just a snapshot of our legacy. For 111 years, YWCA has been on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities. We know, that's a lot. How do we do this? We start by offering services and programs in three key issue areas:

1. The Health and Safety of Women and Girls

The YW Counseling and Referral Center offers culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health counseling and therapeutic support groups for women, men, couples, families, and children. This service is offered on a sliding fee scale, making it affordable to those who might not otherwise be able to receive this type of care. Some may ask how treating men plays a part in the health and safety of women and girls. We believe that in order to fully address a person's needs, we need to be able to address the ecosystems in which they live. Men are part of those ecosystems.

The Generation YW Program works to empower middle and high school students by helping them understand gender, and to improve their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical health to avoid the cycle of substance abuse and make better decisions for the future.

2. The Empowerment and Economic Advancement of Women

The Gateway Program is the point of entry into YWCA Greater Austin Services. Through this, Bridge short-term child-care subsidies are available to families in crisis. This works to enable the procurement of employment and long-term self-sufficiency.

3. Racial Justice and Civil Rights

The YW Volunteer and Training Institute has been serving the Greater Austin Community since 1907. It exists to streamline the intake and training of volunteers/interns for the YWCA's various programs. It also utilizes staff and community volunteers to provide a full range of learning opportunities from continuing education classes for Social Workers, LPCs and LMFTs; personal growth, professional development and love and sexuality classes; a monthly
dialogue on racism and discrimination; and on-demand workshops to organizations and businesses.

Our monthly dialogues on issues of racism and discrimination are held the last Friday of each month from 12:00-1:30 pm. These sessions are free of charge and open to all community members. They offer a safe space for frank discussions, reflection, and contemplation of the psychological and emotional impact acts of racism have on the individual and community. They also provide a place to discuss what types of actions can be made to address these inequities.

Impact Statement

Thanks to everyone who donated in 2017! Take a look at how your gifts helped us serve the community last year.

2,255 counseling sessions were conducted.
354 individuals participated in individual, couples, children or family therapy.
256 psychoeducational and therapeutic groups met.
843 individuals participated in psychoeducational or group therapy sessions.
356 individuals participated in 58 trainings and workshops to address the root causes of gender and race-based inequity.
308 teens participated in life skills classes through our GenYW Program.
64 children were afforded emergency childcare subsidies allowing 35 families get back on their feet through the Bridge Program.

Your donations through Amplify Austin will help us make an even bigger difference in our community by serving more clients in 2018!

Needs Statement

Every dollar you donate to YWCA Greater Austin stays in Austin to change the lives of women and their families. Whether through counseling, teen resiliency classes, professional development, and/or advocacy, the YWCA supports every woman who wants a better life, and every woman ready to make a change.

$10 allows 1 individual to participate in 1 psychoeducational or group therapy session.
$25 allows 1 woman, child, or family to participate in 1 counseling session.
$30 affords a family 2 hours of childcare to get ready for and go to a job interview.
$75 allows at least 10 people to participate in a 1-hour training.
$100 allows 10 individuals the opportunity to participate in group therapy.
$150 allows 1 teen to participate in 10 life skills classes.
$250 allows 1 woman, child, or family access to 10 counseling sessions.

Join. Connect. Donate!

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"I first came to the YWCA for solo counseling and had such an excellent experience that I came back for couple's therapy. The counselor was very attentive and friendly, and I feel that we are both able to grow and progress under her guidance. Thank you for everything."- YWCRC client

"...thanks to [counselor]... my daughter and I are in a much better place." ~ YWCRC Client

"It was fun and I felt safe about telling other people things."- GenYW Student

"I finally got the message it was not my fault." ~ YWCRC Client

"Through the YWCA counseling program, I was able to work under the close supervision of quality, experienced counselors to help meet the needs of YW clients. I consider this an excellent training experience, as I have learned so much from everyone here." ~ YWCRC MSW Intern

"I am continually impressed with the wide selection of innovative workshops that the YWCA Greater Austin offers. The discussions with other therapists are rich with diverse views and encourage me to think in new ways." ~Rebecca Lincoln, LPC Certified Hakomi Teacher

"Thank you for opening my mind to a way of parenting that is useful and helpful for everyone." ~YWCRC Client

"Thank you again for all that you guys do for our single moms! We don't know what we would do without y'all!" ~Foundation for the Homeless Caseworker

"Thanks for everything. I feel like you understand me and find ways to help me so I can be successful in school. I really appreciate that." ~GenYW Student
We have an array of opportunities for volunteers to help us serve the Greater Austin community. Those interested should contact the Greater Austin office at 512.326.1222, or visit http://www.handsoncentraltexas.org/agency/detail/?agency_id=39339 for details about our current volunteer needs, and to find out about our next open house.