Tech Tools for the Women's Community Center

Bring us into the 21st Century! The Women's Community Center of Central Texas (WCC) needs the tech tools necessary to grow community and increase social impact!

The WCC is focused on building our local community of empowered women. Experts indicate that a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system will help nonprofit organizations like the WCC grow, will strengthen the community that benefits from our services and will scale the impact of the WCC.

Please help us increase our social impact with a donation to the WCC Tech Tools campaign.

WCC has done the research and picked out a basic, affordable and effective system. The costs of the system are listed below. The goal of the WCC Tech Tools campaign is to raise the Year One and Implementation costs by October 15, 2017.

This new system will help WCC better communicate with constituents, track volunteers, understand our community, create management reports, connect with potential supporters, grow our social impact and more.

Where will your donations will go?
The WCC Tech Tools campaign is raising the cost of:
• Implementation - The package one-time cost of Data-Analysis, Configuration and Training (moving existing data to the CRM) is $900 (midsized package);
• Web Connection - The one-time cost of connecting the software's forms to the WCC website is $300;
• Year One Cost - The cost of using this cloud-based CRM system for the first year is $600 (the basic package at $50 a month);
• Personnel Time - The staff time needed to transfer the data and implement the system is valued at approximately $600 (About two people working for a total of about 30 - 40 hours).

Campaign total (for the costs listed above) = $2,400

Please help this 501c3 nonprofit grow and strengthen our community of empowered women. Please support the WCC Tech Tools campaign with a tax-deductible donation today. Thank you from the Women's Community Center of Central Texas.

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Goal: $2,400.00
Raised: $157.25