!Viva la lucha!

Texas Freedom Network Education Fund

I am so so proud to be a member of the team at Texas Freedom Network Education Fund! I am driven every single day by seeing our work create a representational democracy in this state a reality and not just a lofty dream. And our Texas Rising program is doing just that! I get the privilege of leading a team of the BEST organizers who are building power all over this state. They are working on critical issues and have big BIG goals this year to bring all their peers to the polls! This movement has begun, and will be so much bigger with your support. Please join us. Viva la lucha!

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Val Benavidez

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Donated so far: Cindy&Lolo Benavidez  |  Andrew and Nadia  |  Julie Lass
Creator: Val Benavidez
Goal: $500.00
Raised: $170.60