United Way for Greater Austin

Organizational Overview

United Way for Greater Austin
2000 E. MLK Jr. Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78702

Mission Statement

Our Vision
Greater Austin is a resilient, innovative, philanthropic, creative and thriving community for all.

Our Mission
We inspire, lead and unite an eclectic community of philanthropists including individuals, nonprofits, business, and government to overcome barriers to economic opportunities and ensure Greater Austin continues to thrive.

Since 1924, United Way has been growing up with Austin. During that time, our mission has stayed consistent - to make sure everybody in our community has the opportunity to thrive. Now, we're proud to celebrate more than 90 years of serving the community we love.

Impact Statement

United Way for Greater Austin is committed to making sure all members of our community have the opportunity to thrive. Each year, we help more than 10,000 parents, teachers and children increase the number of school-ready children, support 1,500 students with services to stay on the path to graduation and answer 350,000 calls connecting Austinites to services they need.

Needs Statement

As Austin grows rapidly, it also becomes more and more unaffordable. According to the most recent census data, more than 150,000 Austin residents live below the federal poverty level. Of these, more than 16,000 residents are children who are under the age of 6.

"I'm in the United Way Volunteer Project Leader program because I
want to be a better person. When I grow up I want to be a professional soccer player but I worry I won't ever be able to. Lots of times, money is tough even though my mom works really hard. She motivates me because she works so hard - she's my mom and my dad at the same time. People from UWATX and my school who care about me say I should stay in school because even though I don't need math to play soccer, I'm still going to need it at some point. Thanks to the UWATX program, I've already done some volunteer projects and it made me feel really
good because I could talk to the people that couldn't speak English so it made me proud to be bilingual."
- Kevin, former Webb Middle School Student

"My life would have been completely different without United Way.
It's afforded me a life that I didn't come from and didn't think was
possible for me, and I looked back and realized United Way got
me where I am today. I haven't reached all of my goals in life yet,
but now I know that I'm capable of doing it--and I didn't know that
- Lisa, Former United Way Services Recipient, Current Donor

"Before Middle School Matters, I would go straight home after school. Now, I get to see my friends and help teachers after school--and I am learning things for later in life, building leadership and teamwork skills."
- Lillie, Mendez Middle School Student