Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary

Organizational Overview

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary
P.O. Box 1555
Dripping Springs, 78620-1555

Mission Statement

The mission of Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary is to offer a safe haven for animals of all kinds, with an emphasis on domestic animals that are homeless, neglected, injured or abused. Our goal is to respect animals as individual beings with spirits, who deserve the right to live a happy and healthy life regardless of their attitude toward humans and human contact.

Caring for our resident special-needs animals, growing our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program, finding solutions for pets who would otherwise be homeless, and pet adoptions.

Impact Statement

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary has re-homed thousands of animals who would otherwise have been killed or, in some cases, continued to suffer abuse and neglect. We work with the community to find solutions for animals. We return calls and e-mails even when we can't help directly, because we believe that the problem of homeless pets can only be solved with the involvement of a whole community.

Needs Statement

Food and supplies:
$10 buys food for a bunny for one month
$20 buys food and litter for a cat for one month
$50 buys yearly shots for one animal
$150 buys monthly flea preventative
$250 provides weekly supplies for everyone

Veterinary care:
$25 buys vaccines for a resident cat.
$40 buys a month of compounded medicines for a special needs cat
$108 buys spay/neuter and shots, to kitten ready for adoption

Facilities maintenance:
$450 pays our rent, utilities, and trash collection for a week
$10,000 pays for needed repairs for our facility.

"An excellent organization led by strong advocates making a difference for animals in the Central Texas area."

"Our family just adopted its second cat through Thundering Paws and our experience was wonderful. We can't say enough about the love and care this organization provides for all its animals."

"Considering adding a furry family member? This organization is awesome! I adopted two kitties from a Thundering Paws adoption day at Petsmart and couldn't be happier."

"I have been a regular donor to Thundering Paws for more than 12 years. On the 5th of each month, my payday, it's one of my deepest pleasures to go online to the website and make my donation. The feeling I get is extraordinary; I can picture the beautiful cats and kittens who are receiving loving care and living a safe life until they can find their own new permanent home. If they never do find that home, they can live out their lives at Thundering Paws...Thundering Paws provides a much-needed service to the homeless and feral cats in central Texas. They are one of the state's beautifully shining lights."

"My family (husband, teenage daughter) and I have been volunteering for Thundering Paws every Sunday for four years. In addition to fostering the hard-to-tame kittens and cats, we've also adopted three of them: Denise, Speedy and Rain. We happily give up our Sunday afternoons to scoop litter boxes and clean cages because we love Thundering Paws' cats, its staff and its director, Anne Zabolio. Despite its modest budget, Thundering Paws is able to do big things - from addressing the problem of cat overpopulation at its source with its Trap, Neuter and Release program to finding loving homes through its adoption program.

And Thundering Paws also provides a permanent refuge for dozens of cats who have not or cannot find a forever home. They range from proud Nero, who now accepts pats and admiration from visitors to shy Amanda who lurks from the highest perches of the cat run to Prince, the affable orange cat who'd be a perfect housemate if only he could refrain from spraying everywhere. One of my favorites is Gabriel, a pudgy, sullen survivor of a horrible hoarding situation in Utah. Our friendship, forged one treat at a time over four years, has progressed. Now if I try to pat him, he'll slap me with his paw instead of slashing me with his claws....most of the time …

I love Thundering Paws because I know my donations go straight to the animals. I love that cats - and the humans who serve them - are treated with dignity, kindness and respect. I also appreciate that its no-kill policy extends to everybody - even spiders and daddy long legs are ushered out the door rather than squashed."

"Anne, her staff and the volunteers at Thundering Paws are so dedicated and tireless in their commitment to help save not only cats, but dogs, rabbits and probably any other animal that needs help. I am an animal lover, but there is no way I could make much of a difference on my own. It is wonderful to have Thundering Paws as a resource and be able to participate in their good work. There is such a huge need, and as Anne says, "We can't save them all, but we can save this one, and that one ... and do the best we can for them." It is wonderfully gratifying to see all the lives saved and suffering prevented.

Thundering Paws works with several veterinarians and humane societies to provide inoculations, spay/neuter and micro chipping. And they sponsor Adoption Events almost every weekend at PetSmart and other pet supply stores. They are very particular about qualifying the adoption applications and personally deliver the animals to their new homes to make sure it is a good situation. In the rare situation where the adoption doesn't work out, they will always take the animal back.

The amount of work to accomplish these things is staggering. But it is a labor of love for all at Thundering Paws. I am a volunteer, a donor and a foster for Thundering Paws and it is my joy and privilege."

We are always in need of folks to table for us at locations around the greater Austin area; help feed and clean up after the animals; perform routine maintenance and upkeep around the facility; shuttle animals back and forth to medical appointments and adoption events; conduct fundraisers and, perform administrative duties.