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Our mission is to teach young people how to love, protect, and safely enjoy Texas waterways through educational canoeing, kayaking, and camping; foster personal growth and civic responsibility in youth who are suffering from a severe nature deficit; and strive to bring our community together through a common respect for our rivers so we can all work to preserve them for generations to come.

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IRS EIN: 74-2714186
Website: http://www.texasriverschool.org
Email: anna@texasriverschool.org
Phone Number: 512-865-1450
Address: 2000 S. 7th Street
Austin, TX 78704
New numbers, new experiences. Texas River School works resolutely toward reducing the nature deficit in the lives of area youth through the river trip programs, like River Sense, Discover the Source, Find & Capture, and Overnight Canoe Camping, and TRS was able to give 710 students an unforgettable river experience in 2017. Our half-day River Sense program, now in its 4th year, helped assess 487 students on their knowledge of canoeing and river safety by using the "River Sensibles" quiz. (How much River Sense do you have? To test your knowledge, go to https://texasriverschool.org/river-sense/) Additionally, 148 students learned about the Edward's Aquifer through our Discover the Source trip, and 75 students experienced the thrill of the Find & Capture trip (the goal of this trip is to introduce students to the idea that 'deciding to look' is the first step in exploring the natural world).
Texas River School continues its tradition of teaching young people to love, protect, and safely enjoy Texas waterways through hands-on educational outings that include canoeing, camping and kayaking. Incorporated into these half-day, day-long, and overnight excursions are tools we use to inspire, educate, and nurture students' experiences and imagination - tools such as environmental education, camping, canoeing, kayaking, orienteering/geocaching, nature photography, and open-water swimming, and much more.
We ask that you give generously as a large portion of funding needed for our trips comes from your donations through Amplify Austin. In addition, we receive funding from Rowing Dock and Texas Rowing Center, grants from Texas Parks & Wildlife and Save Barton Creek Association, and from various annual fundraisers.
2017 In Review
This has been a busy year for TRS. We welcomed two new AISD elementary schools (Pease and Casey) to participate in our program; gained three new sponsors; acquired two new board members; replaced the decking on our Moonlight Bat Float river raft; built a Roll 'n Float dock at the River Camp (with a grant from ERM - Environmental Resource Management - support from Colt Builders, and lumber donated by GTown Lumber & Supply); joined Mission Capital; and took our first group of senior adults out for a River Sense trip.
Remember, your donation makes it possible for us to continue getting kids on the river.

Impact Statement

Texas River School has made a real difference for over 7,000 Austin youth since 1992, especially those from underserved schools and youth programs. Many of our students experience, for the first time, the skill of interacting safely with nature. Quite often we hear from students that their day on the river was their "favorite field trip ever!" They have fun but, more importantly, they learn respect for Austin's precious resources, making for happier, healthier students and safer rivers.
Skills learned/experienced from the various trips are: leadership, working as a team, trip planning, trail and river etiquette, river safety, canoe skills, kayak skills, leave no trace ethics, snorkeling and swimming, basic camping, basic photography composition, nature photography, geocaching, how to pack and haul equipment, how to pack food to stay dry, eating on the river, open water swimming, navigating river currents, cleaning and hauling equipment.

Needs Statement

Texas River School would not be able to function at the level it does without the support of our generous donors. Every dollar raised is used toward getting more students on the river; many of whom would not otherwise have the opportunity to paddle a boat, learn to pitch a tent, or appreciate the natural beauty that is all around us.
Help us reach our goal of $20,000. Become a Friend of the River. A donation of just $30 will put one student on the river. Help us keep our kids and rivers healthy!
Sanchez Elementary 5th-graders experienced the River School's half-day Find & Capture trip last spring that includes gifting each student with a bag holding an SBCA t-shirt, a compass, sunglasses, sun-block, a water bottle, and the bag. Here are some of the responses we received when asked to reflect on what they liked best about the river trip.
"Thank you for giving us all these things. And teaching us how to use a compass for if we get lost. I HAD FUN"

"Thank you for helping me learn how to use the paddles and to use the kayak."

"Thank you Save Barton Creek Association for everything you've done for us. This kayaking trip the one thing I'll NEVER forget! I love the presents that you gave us, I especially like the shirt, I love digging my whole body into it. It's a little home. So cozzy."

"Gracias por ayudarnos a Emily y a mi a mantenernos derechas y no dar vueltas en kanoa! Gracias!"

"Thank you Texas River School for everything you've done for us. Wow carring all those kayaks up and down the stairs must of ben hard work! I carried one and after that my back hurt so bad!"

"Thank you for teaching us how to use a kayak and help taking the kayaks down next to the water and going out and buying the kayaks for us to use."

"Thank you for teaching us how to take awesome pictures and paddle for a kayaking this was really fun also I loved going to get in the water so I loved this field trip."

"I hope that I will be able to visit you again and again thank you for everything."

"I had so much fun and I would love to come and visit again. Thank you so much!"

"The most important thinge is that wen we wer on the kayak you wer ther and ask if we wer fine. Thank you all for evriting your the best."

"Thank you for giving us tips for how to be safe in a kayak."

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Texas Rowing Center will match every dollar of their membership's donations up to $1,500. Colt Builders will match every dollar of all donations up to $1,000.