Texas Early Music Project

Organizational Overview

Texas Early Music Project
2905 San Gabriel
Austin, 78705

Mission Statement

Texas Early Music Project (TEMP) is dedicated to presenting and advancing the art of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical music through performance, recordings, and educational outreach.

Under this over-arching mission, TEMP seeks is to support Austin early music artists, establish Austin as an international center of early music, and bring the joy and beauty of world-class early music performance to our Austin audience.

TEMP's cultural identity includes adherence to historically informed performance practice from 10th century chant to early 18th century romanticism, using reproductions of historical instruments.

In addition, TEMP retains a primary goal to educate a younger and more diverse audience on the genre of early music from both a historical and aesthetic perspective.

We kicked off the season with the Texas premier- and a concert which hadn't been performed in its entirety in the US for over 30 years- the extravagant "La Pellegrina: Music for a Medici Wedding," which was an amazing success! Since then, we have been on a "tour de force of Italy," from Ancient and Early music to Baroque Opera, and we're only halfway through the season. Three more concerts are in store, and we look ahead to more themed seasons for our audiences.

Last year's show, Telemania, featuring a hilarious opera by Telemann, was nominated by the Austin Critic's Table for Best Chamber Performance in Classical Music! We hope to continue that tradition. This year's feature is an original TEMP creation; the fun, melodramatic rom-com, "That's Amore: An Early Valentine," a pastiche of unparalleled proportions to rival the soapiest of soap operas! What a blast!

After that, we perform "The Flowering of the Renaissance: Italian Chant to Ciconia," a gorgeous mix of Italian music from the beginning of the Renaissance to its full flowering. Not to be missed!

Finally, to cap off the 2014-15 season, we will pull off a favorite of TEMP audiences the world over- The Full Monteverdi: Part 2! Curious? Well, we can't reveal everything! You'll have to come see it to believe it...

Next year's theme for Texas Early Music Project is going to be a very interesting and delightful one, including a special performance of Convivencia, the gorgeous and exotic music of the three great cultures of Renaissance Spain: Arab-Andalucian (Spanish Muslim), Judeo-Spanish (Sephardic), and Christian. But that's just the beginning, so strap on your safety belts, musical jetsetters; this is going to be a wild ride!

Impact Statement

Texas Early Music Project is the only performing arts organization in Texas that presents the entire 700 year scope of the Early Music genre, including several ethnic and folk traditions (e.g., Hispanic, Sephardic, and Celtic).

Each concert season, TEMP delivers thirteen performances of early music repertoire to the Austin community, featuring renowned vocalists and instrumentalists gathered from central Texas and around the world (see http://www.early-music.org/schedule.html for this season's concert schedule).

TEMP's concerts are regularly recommended by the Statesman and the Austin Chronicle. TEMP has consistently gained critical acclaim, with concerts and artists winning seven of twenty nominations for Austin Critics Table awards. The most recent of these happened last year with the nomination of TEMP's production of Telemann's comic opera, Pimpinone, in its concert, "Telemania!" Also, in 2009 TEMP Artistic Director Daniel Johnson was inducted into the Austin Arts Hall of Fame by the Austin Critics Table to honor the city's cultural heroes.

Last year, with the support of an Austin Community Fund (ACF) grant, we expanded our educational outreach directly into local schools with a series of in-school "mini-concerts", a project we labeled "BEMAS" (Bringing Early Music to Austin Schools).The aim of the BEMAS project is to expose youth to musical genres that are the foundation of western classical music and promote understanding and enjoyment of early and classical music.

In 2014-2015, TEMP delivered five in-school BEMAS concerts to area schools (Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and AISD's Bowie High School). The average attendance was approximately 70 students per performance, with 30% interested in attending future early music concerts outside of school hours.

Needs Statement

In addition to the costs of tickets and putting on the various concerts during the Season, TEMP seeks to expand our audience through its continuance of educational and community outreach.

TEMP did another source of funding to continue the BEMAS program for the 2014-2015 school year, although we hope to revive it for the 2015-2-16 school year with your help. TEMP seeks funding to continue this well-received and valuable program to continue our educational mission of bringing early music to Austin area students.

Any Amount Helps!

Can cover program and ticket processing costs

Can help with travel expenses for visiting artists

Can provide a concert stipend for one of TEMP's premier musicians

Can assist TEMP's educational efforts for concerts in local schools

Can help underwrite the 2015-2016 TEMP concert season!

"As founder and artistic director of the Texas Early Music Project [Daniel Johnson] . . . an early-music specialist of international renown . . . has been and remains the foremost cultivator of our taste in the music of the medieval, Renaissance, and baroque periods . . . he has ensured that [early-music] will be heard and treasured for generations." -Austin Chronicle

"Thank you and all the people at TEMP--what a wonderful concert we got to hear on Wednesday! I've had so many students and teachers tell me how much they enjoyed the beautiful music, and how much they appreciate the time that the musicians shared with us… I have to tell you that more than several folks have said 'Please have them come back.' Students and staff really fell in love with the music, and the musicians!"
-Jane Rundquist, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

"For more than two decades, TEMP has been Austin's ambassador to lesser-known medieval, Renaissance, and baroque music, celebrating with each performance a spirit of discovery for performer and listener alike." -Austin Chronicle

"Only Danny [Johnson] would mix Gregorian chant with 'Classical Gas' with fiddle tunes and do it in a way that the audience sees the connections." -Laurie Stevens