Takus Fundraise for MSVW! Help fund Birth Justice for Us!

My name is Michelle also known as Taku, Aka Mikki and I work with Mama Sana Vibrant Woman!

I want to take this time to fund-raise for our Birth Companion Training Program! I mostly work behind the scenes, with computers, cameras, and phones at MSVW, but I see the direct impact our programs have on the community with work with. I have two kids, Paco who is 4 and Milo who is 4 months.

When I was pregnant with Paco I was a in a very different place in my life-and the support that i garnered from MSVW Birth Companions (whom was all volunteer at that moment) was indispensable. Milo came around and I knew the kind of support I needed and most importantly the support I deserved and nothing less. And that is what our program does it helps pregnant people connect with birth companions-if they birth at home or if they birth at the hospital and it's all free. FREE caring and loving support that is not just needed but deserved for communities of color in the ATX! That is why this training program is important, because it helps to mold create the next generation of birth justice workers that is very much needed in our communities

SO Help me and my little family of Takus reach our goal! It's small, but it will get MSVW one step closer to their goal of 7000! Plus it's the least we can do!

Help our little family of fundraisers help MSVW!

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Goal: $300.00
Raised: $100.60