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Organizational Overview

Texas School for the Deaf Foundation
PO Box 42727
Austin, 78704

Mission Statement

The mission of Texas School for the Deaf Foundation is to strengthen and sustain language, academic achievement, and career pathways for deaf students at TSD and across Texas.

We want our RISING STARS, the deaf children of Austin and across Texas, to have a chance for their dreams to come true!
Our Amplify Austin 2016 campaign, Support the Rising Stars Among Us is a way for you to help these children see reach further, shine brighter and have their dreams come true.
Through donations to Amplify Austin - TSDF we are able to fund programs in STEM, Literacy, Career and Technical Education, and Outreach to the families of the over 7000 deaf children throughout the state of Texas. TSD provides the children here in Austin with an education specifically designed so that each child attending TSD or a TSD summer program, a Discovery Retreat, or learning through the online Family Signs or Story Telling program has the opportunity to learn basics of math, science, language, writing, history, geography, etc etc etc. The TSD Foundation funds programs in each of these areas to promote excellence in education so that our stars can shine brighter and reach their full potential.

"The first years of life are when basic language skills develop, and the first two to three years of life are generally recognized as a critical period for language learning. There is no substitute for natural language learning, and language learning that begins at age three or four is not natural."
Raising and Educating a Deaf Child, M. Marschark, 1997)

Every year, approximately 1,200 deaf or hard-of-hearing children are born in Texas. When hearing loss is identified early and infants and toddlers have opportunities for language access during the critical developmental years, they demonstrate cognitive, social, and communication skills equal to their hearing peers.

As visual learners, deaf and hard-of-hearing students benefit from media-rich content made accessible via state-of-the art technology.

Across the state of Texas, there are approximately 6,000 deaf and hard-of-hearing children and their families, many isolated in rural areas, who need opportunities to develop a sense of self confidence and empowerment, fostered by meeting role models and others like themselves.

Because everyone has different talents, abilities, and aptitudes, it's essential that all students receive an education designed to meet their individual needs along with the necessary tools to reach their full potential.

Socialization and acceptance are key to every child's personal development. The students at the Texas School for the Deaf participate in sports, clubs, dorm life, and other educational and extra-curricular activities, developing interpersonal skills, making life-long friends, and knowing they belong. Every child deserves this opportunity.

AMPLIFY TSDF and help us help deaf children of Austin and Texas Shine Brighter and Reach for the Stars!

Impact Statement

Deafness is not about the inability to hear it is about the lack of access to literacy and communication. The Texas School for the Deaf Foundation is passionate about giving every child the opportunity to learn.
*Most deaf children are not exposed to auditory information from birth, so they have to learn language and communication skills other ways. Thankfully, for more than 150 years, Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) has offered deaf and hard-of-hearing students of all ages a unique education designed to meet their specific, individual needs.
*TSD shapes the lives of students by providing a culture and community, instilling pride and confidence, and most of all, strengthening identities of deaf children.
The TSD Foundation is committed to raising funds to support TSD programs that empower the children to reach their full potential.

Needs Statement

The following statistics demonstrate the financial challenge we face in our goal to bring access to literacy, language, and communication and to bridge the gap between funds from the state and those needed to provide excellence in education to the deaf and hard-of-hearing children:

• One hundred percent of TSD's students have special needs (deafness) with 52% of our children challenged by additional disabilities.

• Over 76% of our children are on free or reduced lunch

The Texas School for the Deaf Foundation seeks to increase its capacity to fund as much of the school's shortfall as possible. The school and Foundation together have designated 5 specific areas for targeted support by the Foundation to help focus its fundraising efforts. These areas are:

One of the major challenges facing the deaf and hard-of-hearing child is access to language, literacy, and communication. The Foundation helps fund reading incentive programs, buys books, and enhances the access to literacy through reading and writing programs for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. The special needs students learn to express themselves with the use of iPads equipped with programs that employ touch screen technology.
$ 10.00 buys early reader books for elementary students
$ 250.00 academic intervention program
$ 500.00 buys an iPad

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
To prepare TSD students for our ever-increasing technological world and encourage career opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math, TSD has integrated STEM classes, such as robotics, 3-D printing, engineering applications, and computer programming into their curriculum. Such programs allow students to "do" rather than "observe" and are both fun and educational methods for hands-on learning of STEM concepts.Beside the fact that STEM is considered hot and in-demand field regarding to job market, it has also been proved through different researches that students improve their critical thinking skills and state test scores. Texas School for the Deaf would like to create one big Robotics Laboratory Center for Elementary, Middle, and High School students to use. We have the space, but we are in need of more equipment, machinery, and parts to make this happen. We hope to expand this program to Elementary and Middle School students through the First Lego project.
TSDF is committed to providing financial support in order to further expand the robotics program, making it available to even more high school, middle school and elementary students at TSD.
$50 Buy iPad App for First Lego Learners for our Elementary students in the First Lego Program
$100 Fund science classroom with new state of the art equipment for experiments
$500 Help Fund Trip for Math Counts competition for our math students in the Math Counts Club
$1000 + Equip Robotics Laboratory for Middle and High School Robotics students with supplies such as 3 D printer, Legos/Tetrix & other significant parts

Deaf students are visual learners and benefit from the media-rich technologies that allow visual access to information and resources. Visual access to wireless classrooms establishes an immediate benefit that works to minimize the severe language and reading problems that result from developing English as a second language. iPads, interactive white boards, Elmo projectors, as well as other media rich technologies are needed to provide the visual access to learning the deaf and hard-of-hearing children need.
$ 120.00 Communication program for special needs students
$ 242.00 iPod Touch
$ 421.00 iPad with case

Career Preparation and College Readiness
TSD supports all students in their chosen life plans. Approximately 50% of our students go on to college. College prep classes in the areas of science, math, and social studies enhance the education of many of the TSD students. Counselors aid in the application and selection process for those students who select college as their post-high-school plan. For the children who do not go on to college, the school offers several instructional programs, including culinary arts, computer repair, graphics and publishing, auto technology and repair; plus two Transition Programs for students up to 21 years.
$ 30.00 Temperature probe for chemistry
$ 100.00 Baking/cooking supplies for culinary arts
$ 150.00 Counseling materials

Outreach and Early Intervention Program
TSD's outreach programs reach out to approximately 6,000 deaf and hard-of-hearing children around the state who have little or no access to support and services. Although deaf and hard-of-hearing students have increased educational opportunities both in public school and center schools like TSD, nationally they continue to have significant achievement gaps because of the failure to access language and communication at an early age. Families of infants whose hearing loss is identified through our newborn hearing screening program are able to make the most of their babies first months of life by providing an optimal foundation for language, cognition, and social-emotional development.
$ 25.00 1 hour Family Sign Instruction
$ 75.00 Books for Shared Reading Tele-Intervention Program
$ 85.00 Half-day Pre-school program
$100.00 Scholarship for a family to attend educational retreat
$ 500.00 2 Scholarships for week long STEM camp

***It all began back in 1949 when Dr. Kennedy's father, also a native Texan, started at Texas School for the Deaf as a kindergartner. After legal resolution with the local public school, Dr. Kennedy's parents was finally able to send him to Texas School for the Deaf as seventh grader in 1986. Dr. Kennedy said, "it was an eye opening experience attending a fully integrated Deaf school. Being a dorm resident I took full advantage of the opportunities that were given to me and participated in many extracurricular activities such as basketball, football, golf. I was also a member of the Student Council, and performed with TSD productions." Dr. Parker Kennedy, TSDF Board member and Professor at Mary Hardin Baylor

***" By being immersed in an environment with native signers she quickly caught up with her peers academically. I feel that is the reason she was able to develop her reading and writing skills that she has today. Our daughter has blossomed at TSD due to the knowledge and confidence she has gained. She started college in the fall and we couldn't be more proud of what she has accomplished, thanks in large part to the opportunities that were provided by the TSD community. " TSD Parent

***"Our child has been a student at TSD for the past two years. Since his enrollment in 2012 at the age of 3, we have seen remarkable growth in his language, social, and academic development. We have been and continue to be impressed by the entire resource team that supports Landon. They are passionate about what they do and they have been meticulous in designing an education program specific to our child's needs. We are grateful for the opportunity to have our child at TSD and we recognize how much he benefits from the resources available at TSD." Chris and Lisa S. parents of TSD student

***"Our daughter started her second semester of 7th grade at Texas School for the Deaf. When we took the tour of the campus we knew this was where she belonged and we have never looked back ….Faith began to blossom right before our eyes. TSD is incredible and there are so many opportunities for deaf children." TSD Parent
Several events throughout the year and computer skills are always needed.
Amount: $5000
Sponsored By: The Anderson Charitable Foundation


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Your support of our mission will help allow every deaf and hard of hearing child in Austin and across Texas, STAR to Shine