Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts

Organizational Overview

Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts
PO Box 144722
Austin, 78714

Mission Statement

TALA was formed in 1979 to meet the legal and accounting needs of artists and art nonprofit organizations. Services include lawyer and accountant pro bono assistance for artists, patent pro bono assistance for inventors, dispute resolution services, and educational programs for the artistic and business communities. Programs are designed to help participants apply sound business practices to protect intellectual property, advance careers, and develop income.

TALA's pro bono legal and accounting services are offered to financially qualified artists from all creative disciplines, including visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, film makers, and writers. Over 250 attorneys and accountants volunteer their time each year, assisting in legal and accounting matters that might otherwise remain unresolved and unrepresented. TALA's services include legal and accounting assistance, small nonprofit organization incorporation, dispute resolution services, and educational programs and publications for artists and arts nonprofits. Programs are designed to help artists apply legal and accounting concepts for their benefit.

New to TALA in 2017: Inventors are now eligible for assistance filing a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in a program designed for financially under-resourced independent inventors in Texas and Louisiana. With the goal of advancing invention based economic development, the program matches patent attorneys and agents with inventors to assist in filing for patents with the USPTO.

Impact Statement

TALA volunteer attorneys and accountants assist over 350 clients per year, covering a broad range of artistic pursuits and legal and accounting disciplines. In addition, TALA's educational programs, webinars, clinics, and outreach events impacts countless other artists and arts non-profits yearly.

Needs Statement

Your financial contribution provides for TALA's small staff, office facilities and insurance coverage necessary to coordinate and support TALA's financially qualified members and volunteers.

"We sign contracts all the time and create art with value that extends far into the future and with ownership rights that are often debated. We hire and are hired in all sorts of capacities and under widely varying terms. Having a lawyer to guide you, to make sure that your contracts are fair, to protect you, and to look out for your interests is career and life changing." - Graham Reynolds

"TALA attorneys helped me create an LLC for my band and internal agreements between band members. We continue to request assistance to decipher the legalese of various contracts and gain invaluable advice. TALA's attorneys have given us the business peace of mind that allows us to focus on our art." - Josh Robins of The Invincible Czars

"We felt lost and overwhelmed by a film distribution offer, but the TALA attorney that helped guide us through this process was very good with describing the terms for us in more understandable ways. He answered all of our questions, and made us feel welcome to ask more, and bring up any concerns of our own. He even communicated with the distributor's legal team, which helped us avoid trying to put legal words into our own emails and make sense! We felt confident moving forward with the distributor after everyone was happy with the terms, and we now have distribution for our first feature!" - Nicole Elmer, Film Director, "In the Shadow"
TALA recruits attorneys and accountants to offer pro bono services to financially qualified artists and inventors.