Street Cat Rescue

Organizational Overview

Street Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 2524
Round Rock, 78680

Mission Statement

Street Cat Rescue's Mission:

* Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) of Stray and Feral Cats in the Austin, TX and surrounding areas
* Adoptions of Socialized Cats and Kittens from Feral Cats.
* Providing Help for Sick and Injured Cats and Helping People Keep their Pets.
* Educating the Public on TNR and the importance of Spaying and Neutering Pets
* Provide a safe Haven for up to Five Leukemia + Cats - New in 2016 at "The Lodge" and a cat-fenced in area with living quarters for many semi-feral to feral and/or disabled cats.

We are in great need of funds for our "Dolly P" Medical Fund as we have been helping more and more cats that are sick or injured living on the streets, that have no one to help them. We get numerous calls from the public or 311 calls of sick or injured cats living on the streets. We also have added "The Lodge" at Street Cat Rescue to house up to five Leukemia + cats. They have an enclosure and the master bedroom suite. These cats will need medical care as well. We would like to help every cat that crosses our path. The medical fund is vital to achieve this goal. From medical supplies to vet bills, these expenses can add up in a year's time, so we want to use the majority of our Amplify funds for this cause and other related expenses. Oftentimes, with these cats in need, whether feral or not, they become so grateful and sweet that they were helped, they make great adoption candidates so we find them a forever and much better home. With the remaining funds, we would like to make some upgrades to our cat habitat. Please enjoy our pictures and two videos that represent the work we do, very well! Last year's Amplify Austin Funds went to the many upgrades to the recovery area and Kitty Living Quarters and you will see before and after pics. The videos are well worth the watch!

Impact Statement

Street Cat Rescue - "Helping the Forgotten". STCR answers hundreds of calls each year from the Public, 311 calls, and other organizations. We have TNR'd (Trap/Neuter/Returned) over 600 cats, adopted out over 100 cats, and prevented thousands of kittens from being born. And because we cannot take on every request for help, our efforts in educating/teaching the public on trapping and the TNR process, subsequently, thousands more were spayed/neutered or helped. In addition, we have helped over 50 cats that were sick or injured and have held numerous workshops from TNR and trapping classes to building winter shelters for cats. We also have helped many people find their lost cats, educated people on how to keep their pets due to behavioral issues or assisted with temporary housing, food, litter, etc. for those in need. It is our goal to help even more cats or people in need.

Needs Statement

Street Cat Rescue is needing to raise $20,000.00 in which 90% will go towards the Dolly "P" Medical fund for emergencies and other medical needs. This will enable us to help more of the many sick and injured cats that have no one to care for them. The remaining funds will ll be for general related expenses. We also now take care of four Leukemia + cats at The Lodge at Street Cat Rescue so will need medical funds for them as well. We always welcome donations for food and litter, as we feed several feral cat colonies daily, as well as the cats at the Cat Habitat, and use quite a bit of litter, annually. We spend $9,600 annually on food and $3,500 annually on litter. And a great need is Volunteers! There are many opportunities to help Street Cat Rescue, from trapping, to cleaning, reading to the cats, adoption events, Fundraising and more! Two hours a month to many hours a's up to you, but we need "YOU"!

"Thank you for everything you do for the cats! We look forward to every newsletter and love the work you do for the Forgotten! I am donating $75.00 monthly now and just set it up through PayPal!" . Stephanie M.

Georganne Duron: "When we found two small kittens living in the drainage area of a busy restaurant parking lot, I reached out to Donna Powell of Street Cat Rescue.Donna dropped everything and took several mornings and evenings out of her already over loaded schedule to come out and help trap these little ones. Then she took them home with her to feed and care for them.She is one of the most dedicated and sincere professionals in the cat rescue community in the Austin area nd her organization has a truly stellar reputation."

Keli Banet: " Thank you SO much for sending someone out to trap the little black and white kitten across from the Austonian building, AND for letting me know that you got her. I sent you a donation via Paypal this morning, to help with her care, and the care of your other cats."

Suzanne Kennedy: "God bless you Donna Dayhoff Powell again and again and again!!" (after rescuing a blind young at from a junkyard)
Cleaning several cat holding areas. Adoption events, fundraisers, trapping and recovering cats, feeding colonies of cats. Updating websites and newsletters.

Willie and Friends

by Pat Byrd

They call me "Willie...the" I used to hold my head back and cry when founder Donna Powell would take me to adoptions. I would grab a hold of the carrier door and shake it and swing my head back for more dramatics . She ended up making me her own, (so it worked!) , but I have lots of friends at the Cat Ranch that need your help! Help US Help the Forgotten!

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Goal: $500.00