Saving one life at a time.

Bastrop Animal Rescue

Through Bastrop Animal Rescue, my fellow foster parents and I are able to rescue dogs and cats from extreme conditions and the shelter, put them into foster care, and then find their forever homes. BAR, which is completely volunteer run depends solely on donations. All funds raised go to help the animals but adoption fees do not begin to cover the expenses of doing what we do.
For example, Little Bit was scooped up in the middle of the night by volunteers, rescued from a home where she had been allowed to suffer in hard labor for days, unable to deliver puppies that were way too big for her little 6 pound body. She persevered outside in very cold weather with only a pile of leaves for bedding. Because of BAR, she was able to have the surgery at an emergency hospital that saved her life and is now a spunky little firecracker.
Please donate to Amplify Austin so we can continue to save dogs like Little Bit, one life at a time.


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