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Redemptive Work (RW) is dedicated to making sustainable living a reality for displaced and seemingly unemployable persons.

RW serves homeless, previously incarcerated, and disabled persons navigating barriers to sustainable living. Our work began when Rev. Dr. Tina Carter joined RW Executive Director Rev. Dr. Mindy Johnson-Hicks in writing The Wealth of Poverty (Outskirts Press, 2013); an exploration of the ways authentic relationships across socio-economic groups enables collective prosperity. During this collaboration, it became apparent that under-served populations of homeless, previously incarcerated and disabled people shared common barriers to finding employment, housing, and healthcare. RW incorporated in 2013 to learn to navigate those barriers.

At RW we meet with people weekly, one-on-one, to discuss goals and strategies necessary to achieve sustainability beyond societal barriers. People need adequate work, safe shelter and access to health care and we are here to ensure a community is present to help them find all three. We also help people overcome obstacles by coaching them to fill out forms for jobs or obtaining a Driver's License or Social Security Card, government benefits. We help people face the challenges that so often prevent marginalized persons from re-engaging in society in a sustainable way. We also help our clients to understand what their strengths are, instigating self-advocacy in a profoundly disenfranchising system.

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IRS EIN: 46-3925500
Phone Number: 512-994-4684
Address: 205 E Monroe
Austin, TX 78704
Redemptive Work has developed a pop-up Clinic that can be moved to various locations around Austin. Life In The City on South Monroe is our favorite location at present. Included in the pop-up model is a network of providers to better serve those experiencing barriers to full societal participation. The Capital Area Food Bank offers computerized SNAP application processing. The YWCA provides Group Counseling. Methodist Healthcare Ministries provides a nurse who offers health education and monitoring for clients with chronic medical issues. RW coaches continue to provide Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, case management, clothing, food pantry, and transportation services at these Clinics.

Impact Statement

Redemptive Work trains non-profit Directors, coaches, social workers, and counselors to journey alongside outcast humans as they build self-space within community. Once a support network is in place to cherish the former outsider, they can self-advocate and leverage opportunities for love, growth. and activism.

Needs Statement

Angels give a regular monthly donation. This helps us budget effectively for the months and weeks ahead. 500 Bronze level Angel givers would cover our entire budget. Recurring donations are possible through Amplify Austin and by using the drop-down Subscribe menu at to provide an automatic payment each month to support Redemptive Work's general budget.

Angel Giving Tiers:
Platinum $100/mo -
Your donation of $100 a month allows Redemptive Work to provide our clients access to qualified medical professionals in addition to coaching. With your donation, we have the ability to provide access to professionals including general practitioners, licensed counselors and psychiatrists, and dental/vision specialists. Acess to these professionals is an important part of ensuring our client's medical needs are met so that they may continue their journey to sustainability.

Gold $ 50/mo -
Your donation of $50 a month allows Redemptive Work to provide a space for client coaching. This is the primary overhead cost for our organization. We utilize this space to work with clients on a weekly basis. Our clinic is a place for our clients to meet, socialize, and work towards their goals in a supportive environment.

Silver $ 25/mo -
Your donation of $25 a month allows Redemptive Work to provide bus passes (which we receive at a discounted rate) and job aid for our clients. Job aid includes employment search assistance, resume writing, and interviewing techniques. Access to transportation and job aid allow our clients to successfully obtain employment opportunities that would be otherwise unavailable to them.

Bronze $ 10/mo -
Your donation of $10 a month allows Redemptive Work to provide basic necessities such as socks and toiletries in our clinic. These items allow our clients to feel confident and prepared while attending appointments and job interviews.

Heroes make gifts of any amount to provide a quick infusion of saving cash. Everything costs money and our clients have none. A Hero gift allows someone to get to work this month, or have shampoo, or tampons, or food. Give on Amplify Austin to become a Redemptive Work Hero today. Actual Budget Lines for Hero Funding:

Ongoing yearly expenses:
Cognitive Behavioral Coaching $32,000/yr
Bus Pass $15,000/yr
Clinic Translators $12,500/yr
Homeless re-housing Program $8,500/yr
Rent $7,200/yr
Judicial Advocate $4,000/yr
Food Pantry $2,500/yr
Hygiene Supplies $800/yr

Needed Projects this year:
Edited Coaching Curriculum $1,200
New Data Management Plan $1,200
Networking Community Services $3,000
Facilitation and Training $5,000
I first found Redemptive Work on Volunteer Match in October 2015. I responded to an opportunity to become a Grant Writer and I was scheduled to meet them on their clinic day. Everyone who I met at the organization was extremely inviting, professional and most importantly to me their hearts were committed to helping others. I'm extremely grateful to Redemptive Work for taking me under their wing. I began as a Grant Writer and transitioned toward helping at the clinic and learning about the process of operating a non-profit. I am currently operating as the interim executive director at Redemptive Work. If you are aspiring to find your place in helping others through non-profit work; or interested in learning how a non-profit operates in an environment where people want you to learn; or if you just have an interest in any single opportunity being offered then I believe that Redemptive Work is an excellent place to achieve your goals. - David M.

Redemptive Work is a great organization. Their clinics are small enough to ensure everyone gets individual attention yet large enough to make sure I gained valuable experience. When I first started as a volunteer In 2013, I appreciated how they trained me. I immediately worked with a mentor, Tina, who let me control the pace of my training. By the third meeting I was confident seeing clients on my own (it helped that my mentor was right across the way)! I have learned many things, and have been mentored both by my superiors, and those I have been called to supervise. In September 2016, I was elected to an interim position of Chair of the Board! I have truly enjoyed learning all facets of nonprofit management through hard work in an organization willing to invest in my effectiveness. I recommend Redemptive Work highly. - Pastor Mindy

At Redemptive Work we are often asked how many hours it takes someone to find sustainability. And our answer is, "it depends." It depends on the person's story. Someone who has aged out of foster care with no family support may need fewer training hours than an ex-offender trying to make a way in a world of obstacles. - Rev. Dr. Tina Carter
Redemptive Work utilizes volunteers at all levels of our operation. We have life coaches, writers, directors and board members who volunteer their expertise day after day, to make the world a better place. We are so proud that 90% of all jobs at Redemptive Work are accomplished by volunteers.