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Amplify Day Goal: $15,000.00

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Patty Pillow Supports RLS Research!

by Patty Pillow

Patty Pillow is the featured character in the RLS Foundation Children's Booklet and she wants to find a cure for RLS! Help Patty reach her fundraising goal, or create your own fundraiser and get your local community to also be a part of Amplify Austin!

Patty experiences some sleepless nights because she has restless legs syndrome (RLS). Just as she is about to doze off, Patty's legs start to have a creepy-crawly sensation that just won't go away until she gets up, slips on those bunny slippers, and walks around. Patty is often tired and drained the next day. Patty used to struggle with explaining to her family and friends, what having RLS is like and how it's impacting her quality of life. But Patty has learned that she is not alone. In the US 7.4 million people of all ages suffer with RLS, a treatable but incurable neurological disorder.

Patty knows that the RLS Foundation is the only organization that funds research toward finding a cure for RLS.

Whether you are personally living with RLS, or have family or friends that are affected, take a night to show your support of the RLS community. On the morning of March 3, donate any time between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. to during you or your loved one's sleepless night.

Then using the hashtags #AmplifyRLSF and #Cure4RLS, share a photo on social media of Patty Pillow, or of what you or those impacted by RLS do, when symptoms are too much. This can be a personal project, a hobby, or you can even use the time to create your own Patty Pillow from home! We want you to showcase your work and let others know that they are not alone!

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Goal: $1,000.00