It's All About the Cats (Dr. Smith)

Shadow Cats Rescue

As the primary veterinarian for Shadow Cats, I have supported their for over 20 years. Every cat under its' umbrella is treated with great respect and given the best care possible. Each dollar donated to Shadow Cats does the work of a dozen- they are excellent stewards of your generosity.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Roy Smith

Matching Fund

Amount: $2,500.00
Provider: Central Texas Cat Hospital and Justinian and Associates
Details: The first thousand dollars donated on Dr. Smith's page will be tripled by CTCH and Justinian and Associates and that goal has been met as of 01/28/2018.
Donations after 1/28/2018 will be doubled until 02/15/2018 up to $2500 by Justinian and Associates.

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It's All About the Cats

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Donations scheduled so far: Kim  |  Alissa C.  |  Trooper Cacciola  |  Sylvia  |  Leslie & Ron Boerger  |  Maryellen Taylor  |  Susan Bellonzi   |  Nate Zoss  |  Katie and Dustin Forsythe  |  Phyllis Anders  |  Penny J Leisch
Creator: Roy Smith
Goal: $5,000.00
Matching: $2,500.00
Raised: $1,387.50